viernes, julio 06, 2007

fotos si bicis tambièn!

Professor Squealy Deetbum is the world's leading researcher in Cycology (the art of playing the bicycle).
He will be delivering a lecture demonstrating the fundamental principles of bicycle music.
Sounds are recorded live during the lecture with percussion, wind, and string sounds from the bike.
The Bicycle seat, the handlebar, the gear cable, bicycle pump, wheels, spokes and the bicycle frame are all turned into musical instruments.
Their sounds are recorded and mixed as you watch to create exciting original compositions.
Professor Deetbum will take you past the expected, and on to new musical imaginings.

Some of the musical instruments are:

* A clarinet made from a bicycle seat stem
* frame percussion
* gear cable cello,
* tuned wheel spokes,
* handlebar harmonic flute,
* water bottle foonki,
* bicycle pump panpipe,

mùsica con la bici cycology
Un australiano realiza una función de teatro y mùsica usando como instrumento bàsico una bici gyant
utiliza percusiòn, viento y cuerda , los instrumentos son entre otros

un clarinete con la tija del sillìn
percusiòn, usando el cuadro
cello con el cable de los cambios
sintonìa con los radios de la rueda
flauta armònica con el manillar
funky con el bidòn
flauta de pan con la bomba de inflar

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