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Inside Linsey Corbin’s Pain Cave

cab driver changes his mind about where he is heading too and decides to make an illegal U-turn. He blindly turns the car almost hitting a bicyclist wearing a helmet cam. The cyclist gets instant revenge as he sees the cops behind him pull the taxi driver over.

Bike Thief Gets Caught In The Act

Thief boldly tries to steal someones bike in public. He casually tries to saw through the bike lock, even taking a short smoke break. Luckily someone is videotaping the whole act and calls the cops. Talk about getting caught redhanded

Thief Caught On Camera Trying To Steal A Bicycle Gets Tackled By Security

A thief caught on camera trying to steal a bike. He sneaks up on the bike he wants to steal and breaks the lock. Little does he know that the security cameras are on him and security is on its way


Casey Haynes, a 12 year old kid, got bullied all his life because of his physical appearance. The bullies video tape him getting bullied, but Casey decides that day he is not taking the abuse anymore. What he does that made him an instant internet hero.

jueves deportivo /alpe d huez tri LD 2,2 km X 115 km X 22km 2º albert moreno, 4º fdez pakillo


pista de atletismo sin curvas , tramos rectos





mcaskill playboy


calendario oficial de Copa del Mundo de MTB para 2015.

- DHI # 1 Abril 11-12 Lourdes (FRA)

- XCO # 1 Mayo 23-24 Nove Mesto (CZE) -

XCO # 2 Mayo 30-31 Albstadt (GER) -

DHI # 2 Junio 6-7 Fort William (GBR) -

DHI # 3 Junio 13-14 Leogang (AUT) -

XCO # 3/ DHI # 4 Julio 4-5 Lenzerheide (SUI) -

XCO # 4/ DHI # 5 Agosto 1-2 Mont-Ste-Anne (CAN) -

XCO # 5/ DHI # 6 Agosto 8-9 Windham (USA) -

XCO # 6/ DHI # 7 Agosto 22-23 Val di Sole (ITA)


alpe d huez tri LD 2,2 km X 115 km X 22km Long Distance

The Long distance EDF Alpe d'Huez Triathlon takes place in an exceptional setting and over a unique course!

It is unique because the swimming event takes place in the crystal waters of the Lac du Verney, accessible to swimmers only during the Triathlon. Exceptionally, thanks to the authorisation of EDF, a partner in the competition, competitors will have the privilege of swimming in clear waters, at an altitude of 700 m, in a setting of greenery provided by the luxuriantly wooded peaks that surround this body of water. Sheer delight, which will soon make you forget the rather chilly temperature of the water, at some 15-16°C at the height of summer.

It is unique because the course of the bike race is quite simply legendary, with 3 mountain passes on the programme – the Alpe du Grand Serre (1375 m) and the Col d'Ornon (1371 m) – as well as the climb of the 21 switching bends of the climb to Alpe d'Huez, which has earned its well-deserved fame in the Tour de France, which includes it almost every year. The magic of doing the same ride as the participants of the Tour de France never fails to impress both champions and amateurs alike. The landscapes on this part of the Ecrins Mountains are simply fabulous. If you're lucky, you might even see some chamois on the wild hillsides of the passes! Patience and courage are the mottos for this major altitude change course, which is unique, finally, because once you've set down your bike, the run course event takes place within the majestic setting of the resort of Alpe d'Huez. The course is a mixture of asphalted roads and mountain paths, and consists of three 7.3 km loops. One last altitude effort that confirms that the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon is indeed a summit of the international world of triathlon.


españoles inscritos 8 Triathlon Longue distance au 22 Juillet 2014

number Nom Prénom Nationalité Date de naissance Catégorie Club

5 AGIRRESAROBE Aimar Espagne

801 ALAPONT RODRIGO Jose Manuel Espagne 02/10/1974 M V1 Cyclones CT Albal

825 AMPARAN Xabier Espagne 12/12/1978 M S4

803 ANYERI MARTINEZ Jorge Espagne 21/02/1969 M V2 Marlins Triatlon Madrid

6 ARNAIZ Beñat Espagne 821 ARNAL VELASCO Eduardo Espagne 13/01/1976 M S4

817 BECERRA GONZALES Diego Espagne 06/11/1973 M V1

1070 BORRAS Joan Espagne 27/12/1987 M S2 3 BRAVO Alberto Espagne

827 BULLON CASALS Miquel Espagne 22/12/1972 M V1

796 CALVO FERNANDEZ Jose Manuel Espagne 28/06/1969 M V2 Club Triatlo Picornell

831 CALVO FERNANDEZ Joan Espagne 28/06/1969 M V2

807 CAMPO ZUBIAURREIbon Espagne 09/04/1973 M V1 Mugarra Triatloi Taldea

797 CARMONA ATANESFabián Espagne 16/12/1989 M S2 Club Triatlo Vallirana

818 CASÁS FERNÁNDEZ Carlos Espagne 13/09/1977 M S4

9 CASILLAS GARCIAAlberto Espagne 25/10/1989 M S2 Triatlón IMD Segovia

795 CASULLERAS MARTÍNEZ Gemma Espagne 25/01/1976 F S4 Club Atletisme Vilafranca

824 CORDOBA DURAN Javier Espagne 14/12/1977 M S4

804 DE LA VEGA ARRANZ Frederico Espagne 12/11/1962 M V3 Marlins Triatlon Madrid

793 DE ORO RODRIGUEZLuis Espagne 08/09/1977 M S4 Calima Triatlon

794 DELGADO GUERRA Safira Espagne 10/02/1978 F S4 Calima Triatlon

830 DOMINGO ESGLEYES Climent Espagne 16/03/1985 M S2

2 FERNANDEZ Pakillo Espagne

826 FONT David Espagne 25/01/1974 M V1

4 GAZTANAGA Maider Espagne

800 GINER AGUILAR Luis Espagne 14/05/1971 M V1 Cyclones CT Albal

1018 GOMEZ FERNANDEZJuan Carlos Espagne 11/07/1963 M V3 Triatlon Horibeltz

823 GOMEZ TORAYA Vicente Espagne 21/07/1967 M V2

44 GOMEZ VILLANUEVAEstefanía Espagne 11/04/1971 F V1

822 GONZALEZ VIZOSO Luis Rafael Espagne 01/04/1965 M V2

1012 GUZMAN PASCAL Jordi Espagne 07/08/1970 M V1 C.A Vilafranca

1096 HERNANDEZ Ester Espagne 19/02/1978 M S4 C.N. REUS PLOMS

1007 ILLARRAMENDI SAGARNA Andoni Espagne 14/06/1972 M V1 Bilbao Tri

828 ISERN SABADI Sergi Espagne 07/03/1969 M V2

816 JOSEP Marcó Espagne 15/10/1981 M S3 Triteam

809 JUAREZ Emilio Espagne 25/08/1975 M S4 Running Team Triathlon

791 LASA ERLE Mikel Espagne 29/09/1971 M V1 Antxintxika Servimasa TT

819 LIANO VIDAL Guillermo Espagne 15/04/1976 M S4

802 MARTINEZ LOZANO Hector Espagne 14/04/1977 M S4 Cyclones CT Albal

805 MATA GOMEZ Patricia Espagne 06/11/1980 F S3 Marlins Triatlon Madrid

815 MENDIA Etor Espagne 10/07/1968 M V2 Trigoi TT

810 MIRANDA ALFRANCA Jordi Espagne 11/05/1987 M S2 T3R Triatlon

1 MORENO Albert Espagne

813 MUÑOZ Javier Espagne 29/04/1981 M S3 Triatlon Moron

812 PEREZ DELGADO Javier Espagne 05/12/1975 M S4 Tri Team Girona

814 PEREZ SORIANO Jonatan Espagne 18/11/1979 M S4 Trienjoy

799 QUINTANO ZAMAKONA Eduardo Espagne 08/01/1965 M V2 Codeam Zarautz Triatloi Elkartea 22 ROVIRA GARRDIOAnna Espagne 08/05/1981 F S3 Team Calella Triathlon

1092 SANCHEZ Jordi Espagne 23/12/1977 M S4 C.N. REUS PLOMS

798 SANCHEZ SOTOMAYOR Antonio Amalio Espagne 02/06/1975 M S4 Club Triatlon Jaen

808 SANTAMARIA BERNABEU Francesc Espagne 04/07/1984 M S3 Running Team Triathlon

792 SODUPE BELTRAN Javier Espagne 02/09/1985 M S2 Biosnar Triatloi Kluba

806 TORES GARCIA César Espagne 08/03/1973 M V1 Marlins Triatlon Madrid

790 UDEFINE SEBASTAIN Fermin SEBASTAIN ,Fermin FONT Josep Espagne, 08/08/1972 ,08/08/1972 ,25/04/1951 820 VILARIÑO REDONDO Benjamin Espagne 08/11/1976 M S4


number Nom Prénom Nationalité Date de naissance Catégorie Club

1288 VIC-ETB

Aveni Verónica

De la Mora Costas

Pep Padin Jimena

Espagne R Mixte

1014 ARRIETA Naroa Espagne 12/06/1973 M V1 KO TT

1012 ACINAS Gonzalo Espagne 01/03/1983 M S3 Getxo Triatloi Taldea

997 ALSINA DOT Guillem Espagne 23/01/1983 M S3 CN Vic ETB

1011 BASARTE Dorkaitz Espagne 23/10/1981 M S3 Getxo Triatloi Taldea

995 BELVIS Jose Luis Espagne 07/12/1971 M V1 Club Triatlo Vallirana

16 BIZKARRA Gorka Espagne 21/08/1985 M S2

1177 BODEGAS Pili Espagne 04/09/1973 F V1 Yepatri

12 CALLE Richard Espagne

988 CANDIL Antonio Espagne 11/10/1981 M S3 ADS Sevilla

999 CARMONA Mercedes Espagne 30/03/1983 F S3 Enphorma Triatlon San Agustin de Guadalix

990 CARRANZA GIL Francisco Espagne 08/11/1982 M S3 ADS Sevilla

1005 CASANOVAS Toni Espagne 03/09/1975 M S4 Escapade à l'Alpe d'Huez

1020 CASTRO PUENTE María Jesús Espagne 24/02/1963 F V3 Marlins Triatlon Madrid

992 CENTENO NIEVES Javier Espagne 02/03/1984 M S3 ADS Sevilla

1002 CORACHAN VAQUERAJudith Espagne 17/07/1985 F S2 Escapade à l'Alpe d'Huez

989 DELGADO ROMEROJose Manuel Espagne 18/06/1978 M S4 ADS Sevilla

1000 DIAZ MARTINEZ Jose Maria Espagne 16/12/1971 M V1 Enphorma Triatlon San Agustin de Guadalix

1022 ENSENYAT Xavier Espagne 05/06/1975 M S4 Picornell

1010 ESCRIBANO GIL Miguel Espagne 05/05/1985 M S2 Etxeholz Donibane Triatlon

1027 ETXEBERRIA Imanol Espagne 17/10/1973 M V1 TRIGOI T.T.

1007 FAURIA Antoli Espagne 12/12/1986 M S2 Escapade à l'Alpe d'Huez

1016 FUENTES GONZALEZ Amaya Espagne 12/02/1975 F S4 Marlins Triatlon Madrid

998 GALLEGO MARTINEZsteban Jose Espagne 06/05/1977 M S4 CT Almeria

17 GARCIA Rodrigo Espagne 03/02/1994 M S1 CT Trischool Cuenca

996 GILI Oriol Espagne 08/04/1983 M S3 CN Mataro

26 GOMEZ RAMON Laura Espagne 17/01/1994 F S1

993 GONZALES Pablo Espagne 28/02/1989 M S2 ADS Sevilla

1026 GONZALEZ SANCHEZ Jose Miguel Espagne 16/05/1970 M V1 Tribordillo

1015 HERNANDEZ ISMAN Ines Espagne 10/07/1985 F S2 Marlins Triatlon Madrid

1003 HURTAGO MONTUENGA Fran Espagne 18/05/1982 M S3 Escapade à l'Alpe d'Huez

1024 IRAIZOZ BLANCO Martin Espagne 23/08/1985 M S2 Saltoki trikideak

1013 LARAUDOGOITIA Iker Espagne 11/09/1982 M S3 Getxo Triatloi Taldea

1189 LAZKANO Ander Espagne 05/10/1985 M S2 Saltoki Trikideak

1006 LOPEZ FERNANDEZ Carlitos Espagne 30/05/1975 M S4 Escapade à l'Alpe d'Huez

1030 LUCENA CALDERON Antonio Espagne 05/11/1990 M S1

1008 MARTIN FERNANDEZRaquel Espagne 18/03/1985 F S2 Escapade à l'Alpe d'Huez

1001 MARTIN GOMEZ Sergi Espagne 15/05/1980 M S3 Escapade à l'Alpe d'Huez

1033 MASERO MORALEDAJesús Espagne 10/08/1978 M S4

1029 MORALES CHICO Jose Manuel Espagne 10/04/1981 M S3

1031 MORELL ROLDAN Carlos Espagne 10/01/1985 M S2

1032 MORELL ROLDAN Albert Espagne 06/02/1978 M S4


duathlon 234 ALVAREZ CRUZ Victor Espagne 19/05/1988 M S2 Escapade à l'Alpe d'Huez

232 ANDREU TRIAS Laia Espagne 31/05/1979 F S4

290 CORDERO GARCIA Jose Fransisco Espagne 18/03/1984 M S4

291 DELGADO LAZARO Alvaro Espagne 25/06/1985 M S2

233 ESQUIUS MIQUEL Alfons Espagne 06/09/1961 M V3

288 ETXEBERRIA ARTOLA Liher Espagne 23/02/1982 M S3 TTT

236 MONTSERRAT Cinca Pato Espagne 07/07/1966 F V2 Club Natacio Reus Ploms

231 MORENO ORTIZ Miguel Angel Espagne 28/07/1981 M S3

235 PRAT OLIVERAS Albert Espagne 28/10/1982 M S3


clas. men

1 SKIPOWORTH TODD 05:51:33.62

2 MORENO ALBERT 05:57:33.63



5 ARROS COLIN 06:08:26.78

clas. women


2 GOSSAGE LUCY 06:28:17.98

3 EDWARDS PARYS 06:43:33.65

4 HERNANDEZ ESTER 06:56:25.05

5 BOUSREZ CELINE 07:02:40.97


71 MATA GOMEZ PATRICIA 10:29:14.65


trek , eres la (E) monda ! 4,6kg



La Émonda, la bici de carretera de serie más ligera del mundo en Trek World 2015 - 4,6 kg

Every detail of the Émonda line, from frame design to each component choice on every model, serves the same audacious goal: to create the lightest line of production road bikes ever offered.

The entire Émonda line is unbelievably light, with sensational ride-tuned balance and handling that elevate Trek ride performance to a whole new level.

Feature tour

Ultra lightweight
Émonda is the ultimate lightweight road racing machine, pushing the boundaries of what's possible for bicycle weight and ride performance.

OCLV Carbon technology
Nobody does carbon better than Trek. Only with our OCLV process can we fully integrate a complete bike system to create the lightest production bike in the world.

Ride-tuned performance
Émonda elevates Trek ride performance to a whole new level. Custom ride-tuned OCLV Carbon frame provides the perfect balance of stiffness and weight.

Lifetime warranty
Trek backs the lightest production road bike in the world with the best warranty in the world.


Vuelta a España 2014


How to Remove Cannondale Lefty


2014 UCI MTB World Cup Mont-Sainte-Anne - Teaser


How to Remove Cannondale Lefty
By Matthew Ferguson, eHow Contributor

The Cannondale Lefty is a suspension fork design unique to some Cannondale mountain bikes. Conventional suspension forks have two stanchion tubes, running down either side of the front wheel. The Lefty has just one tube, running down the left side of the front wheel. Because the system contains few parts, Cannondale claims that the Lefty reduces overall bike weight. The Lefty may be removed periodically for cleaning and servicing. Using the proper tools and method for removal prevents damaging the Lefty or any of its attached parts. Have a question? Get an answer from a handyman now!

Things You'll Need

5 mm hex wrench
4 mm hex wrench
Cannondale K020 tool

1 Note the two bolts holding the front brake caliper to the Cannondale Lefty. Loosen both bolts using a 5 mm hex wrench. Swing the lower bolt away away from the Cannondale Lefty to disengage the caliper from the brake rotor.

2 Use a 5 mm hex wrench and turn the hub extraction bolt, at the center of the front wheel hub, counterclockwise to loosen. The extraction bolt is located on the side of the wheel opposite the Lefty.

3 Pull the front wheel away from the Cannondale Lefty, and slide it off the axle. If the wheel cannot be removed with relative ease, loosen the hub extraction bolt further.

4 Use a 4 mm hex wrench to loosen the two Cannondale Lefty clamp bolts. The bolts clamp the Lefty to the upper and lower bicycle frame head tube assembly.

5 Use a 5 mm hex wrench to loosen and remove the "steerer" bolt, on the underside of the head tube assembly.

6 Insert the smaller end of the Cannondale K020 tool through the underside of the head tube.

7 Hold the top of the Lefty with one hand while using a rubber shop mallet to strike the bottom of the Cannondale K2020 tool upward. Striking the bottom of the tool upward drives the handlebar stem "steerer" from the head tube of the bicycle.

8 Set the "steerer" to the side. Grab the Lefty and pull it away from the bicycle to remove.