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Ultraman hawaii gana thompson J.B.Castilla 6º ,M. Siques 13

A 3-day, 320-mile (515-kilometer) individual ultra-endurance event which takes place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Entry is limited to 40 participants and is by invitation only. Founded in 1983, the event is held annually on the traditional Thanksgiving weekend.  

Event details and schedule

FRIDAY, November 24-27, 2017      Stage I - 6.2-mile (10 km) ocean swim from Kailua Bay to Keauhou Bay, followed by a 90-mile (145 km) cross-country bike ride from Keauhou Bay around the southern tip of the island via Route 11 to finish at Kilauea Military Camp in the Volcanoes National Park. Vertical climbs total 7,600 feet.
Stage II - 171.4-mi (276 km) bike ride, from Volcanoes National Park (Route 11) to Keaau, then turning east with a counter-clockwise loop through Kalapana, Kapoho and Pahoa, then on through the City of Hilo. From Hilo, the route continues north along the HamakuaCoast (Route 19) to Waimea, and over the KohalaMountains via Route 250 to finish at KamehamehaPark in Kapa’au, just north of Hawi town. Vertical climbs total 8,600 feet.
Stage III - 52.4-mile (84 km) double-marathon run from Hawi to Kawaihae (Route 270), then on to Kailua-Kona (via Route 19) and finishing at the Old Airport Park, Pavilion 1.
Time Limits: Each stage must be completed in 12 hours or less. The swim should be completed in 5-1/2 hours or less. Participants not reaching the respective finish lines within the 12 hour limits will be disqualified.

Delia Banus Pedreny                                                   #792 Delia Banus Pedreny, F38, Vilanova i la Geltru, SPAIN
Occupation: Vendedor
Races: Ultraman Florida 2017, Maratón des sables 2011/ 2014/ Ironman Nice , Embrun , Ironman Zurich.
Entering Ultraman because: Porque son mi gran pasión ! Love triatlón
CREW: Swim Escort:  Tom Pomoroski; Land Crew: Aturo Giminez (Team Captain), Chad Foster

Juan Bautista Castilla Arroyo#795 Juan Bautista Castilla Arroyo, M35, Valverde del Camino, SPAIN
Occupation: Profesor de Universidad
Races: Ultraman Wales 2014, Ultraman Canada 2015, Ultraman Australia 2016, Ultraman Florida 2017, Triatlon Fuga De Alcatraz (2011), Ironman Niza (2012), Ironman Lanzarote (2013). Desafio Donana (2014-2017). Toroman (2016)
Entering Ultraman because: For me the sport of ultradistance is a way of life.
CREW: Swim Escort:  Manuel Palanco; Land Crew: Manual Palanco (Team Captain), Antonio Salas, Emilio Blanco

#815 Juan Luis Quero Guerrero, M46, Sitges, SPAIN
Occupation: Policia
Races: Ultraman Florida 2017, Titan Desert, Marathon des Sables 17 Ironman Distance
Entering Ultraman because: Fight against me, personal motivation and Hawai is the top of triathlon dream.
CREW: Swim Escort: Tim Wiley; Land Crew: Miguel Angel Luna (Team Captain), Ruth Lopez

Marc Siques Llagostera#822 Marc Siques Llagostera, M36, Barcelona, CATALUNYA
Occupation: Police
Races: Ultraman Florida 2018, -Jungle marathon ( 250 km in seft-autosufiency in the Amazon) -The coastal Challenge ( 230 km in Costa Rica ) -Ultra trail du mont Blanc -Marathon des Sables
Entering Ultraman because: For me run in Hawaii is my “ultra dream”.
CREW: Swim Escort: Kawika Crivello; Land Crew: Joan Siques Saez (Team Captain), Rebeca Talens Dominguez

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