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SpeedX Unicorn bici de carbòn con medidor de potencia incorporado por 3000 US$

SpeedX Unicorn | smart road bike with built-in power meter
San Jose, CA Tecnología

SpeedX Unicorn is the smart lightweight road bike to give you comfort, speed and control any scenario.

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725.376 $
de la meta de 50.000 $
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Este proyecto se financiará el Mar, 7 de feb. de 2017 13:57 CET.


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Acerca de este proyecto

Comfort like you’ve never felt before. We’ve taken our obsession with comfort and control to a whole new level. Unicorn, the first bike ever to be equipped with VCS, allows you to absorb bumps and smooth out vibrations, while improving comfort, control and speed.

Make the most out of your training. Unicorn is the world’s first bike with an integrated power meter. Train, track analyze your cycling data like a pro rider. Together with its built-in sensors and GPS, you can live-track your cycling data on the SpeedForce, a 2.2” inch touchscreen cycling computer. Unicorn is the most technologically-advanced, well-rounded road bike you’ve ever seen.

With the Unicorn, we've pushed boundaries like never before. After one year and more than 50 iterations we finally present to you; the world's first smart road bike with an integrated power meter, the SpeedX Unicorn.

With SpeedForce, we’ve reengineered and redefined the meaning of a bike computer. The first bike computer featuring an Android operating system and 2.2” thickened glass touchscreen, clearly visible under direct sunlight. Even with all these features, the battery life is still amazing – it lasts more than 20 hours.

Wireless Button "Black Dot"

Alongside the touch functionality of the SpeedForce, we also supply you with a wireless button. You can place the button anywhere you want, which allows you to switch screens with a press of a button.

Connect with our phone. Seamlessly.

Our app for Android and iOS has a built-in sync function with SpeedForce. Record all your data automatically and set a new record on your favorite segment. Get detailed post-analysis for every ride.

There is no need to buy a separate cycling computer to track your wattage with SpeedX Unicorn. The SpeedForce - Unicorn's own integrated cycling computer displays the power output.

Cadence, speed, heartrate and other metrics are heavily influenced by the environment. These are metrics that give you a snapshot of how your body is performing but are severely affected by external factors

On the other hand, power is the best metric to measure your performance. Watts is the metric directly related to your cycling performance, regardless of how your body is feeling. It can measure your training zones and Functional Threshold Power (FTP), which is your highest watt output over 60 minutes to improve your performance with real hard data.


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