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Specialized lanza el programa global de mujeres embajadoras

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Specialized Launches Global Women's Ambassador Program
Mar 13, 2017

Specialized Bicycle Components announces the application period for cyclists to join their new Global Women’s Ambassador Program. The company is looking for 200 women from around the globe to join the program and help the brand inspire more women to ride, while also increasing the visibility of women in the sport and all options available to them.

Developed by a team of Specialized staff, representing the voices and experiences of existing Ambassador initiatives in Brazil, Germany, and Australia, the new Global Ambassador program will unify under one Specialized Mission: “To unlock the limitless human potential of the female rider. We do this through introducing more women and girls to the sport of cycling, because of our belief that a life that includes cycling is healthier, more joyful, and more connected.”

“Our ambition with this program is to create the space and platform for more female role models and leaders to emerge and ultimately become a part of the fabric of the modern cycling culture,” said Vanessa Christie, Women’s Brand Manager at Specialized. “In these times especially, we’re reminded of the power of women coming together, being leaders for each other, and this program exists to fast track this momentum of women as leaders. Furthermore, we see this as an opportunity to expose more women to the industry itself—opening the doors of possibility to turn her passion into a job or career in the industry. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see this global program come to life for Specialized”


The perfect ambassador will possess a mix of passion for riding and enthusiasm for getting other women—and the next generation—fired up to ride. With this in mind, Specialized sees her as:

An experienced rider. It doesn’t matter what discipline. Road, mountain, commuter, touring, adventure, city—if she’s a passionate rider, she’ll fit right in.
A leader, either in the cycling community, through clubs or shop rides, fitness groups, spin, etc.
An engaged and frequent user of social media, with a growing list of followers OR as an inspiring in-person community advocate/leader.
Someone who has been able to encourage and inspire others to take up riding—or some other pedal-related fitness endeavor—in the past.
A rider who wants to get more women and girls riding bikes.
Someone who is open to, or already connected to, their local Specialized Retailer.
A woman who believes in mentoring the next generation of riders, and is open to, excited by, or already working with a group who engages with girls, aged from 5 to 18, regarding health, fitness, or bicycles.
A rider who is available to host at least two rides or events per month.

Applications are open from March 8th – April 5th, 2017. More information about the program and the online application form can be found at: specialized.com/womens-ambassador

The women selected to be Specialized Ambassadors will be invited to join one of eight Regional Ambassador Summits being held around the world in April. Each market will host their own Summit with the goal of empowering the Specialized Women’s Ambassadors with the right tools, products, knowledge, and experience to go into their community with confidence and excitement to lead and inspire. Each ambassador will also be equipped with a Specialized bicycle that suits her riding style, plus Specialized Women’s equipment and apparel.


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