sábado, junio 27, 2009

rebuild cannondales

2008-2009 Past Projects for happy riders (not for sale)

Shown below are the various projects we have rebuilt over the past 2 years. These are not new bikes. We rebuild from the frame up Its about art meeting function. The bike has to look great, perform at a competitive level and at the same time be fun to ride, reliable and always get the rider home safely... Anything to get these old Cannondales up and running correctly as they rarely did from the factory..

On a personal note: Its sad that this once proud American company, Cannondale is now reportedly owned by a Canadian holding company and as of 2009 model year, many Cannondale bikes are now being made in China. Worse still, is that in 2010 all Cannondale bikes will be made in Taiwan. Read more...


I've owned and raced Cannondales for over 20 years and offer continual PR for a company that cares only for the bottom line. I guess my 2009 F4 will be the last new Cannondale I purchase from them.

I am not a dealer nor do I imply this, but was simply a 20 year fan of these great bikes.

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