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fat tyre tours

Fat Tire Bike Tours

* Paris
* Berlin
* Barcelona
* London

For the fun-loving English speaking visitor, there is no better way to see the sights and learn the history of Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and London than by riding with Fat Tire Bike Tours.

On our tour you'll get the company of an expert guide, the use of a super-comfortable bike, great tips and advice about what to do while in town, an exciting, informative and educational experience, a chance to meet other fun travelers and simply the best day of your stay.

Hundreds of thousands of customers before you can't be wrong - come see for yourself and ride with Fat Tire Bike Tours!

barcelona faqs

Are reservations Needed?
No. For our daily bike tours, reservations are not needed. The tours are open, meaning that anyone can simply show up at our meeting point and join with the group. It's that easy.

Our tours run 7 days a week, rain or shine. The tour guides will be at the meeting point 10-15 minutes before the tour time, in case you get there early. Also, it takes a little while to sort out the bikes and get the tour started, so if you show up a little late, just walk up to our tour shop and see if you can still join in.

If you're with a large group (+10) or you need to use a child seat, kid bike, child trailer or any of our specialty bikes, it's still not necessary to make reservations, but it does help with our preparations if you let us know in advance.

Where is the tour meeting point?
Our tours all meet in Plaza Sant Jaume in the center of the Old City (Ciutat Vell). It's a big plaza, so look for our guides in the corner, on the Las Ramblas side of the plaza. The guides should be easy to spot wearing a company t-shirt, holding a sign and standing by a couple company cruisers.

Where are your shop locations?
In Barcelona, we have two shop locations - one is our tour shop and the other is our rental shop.

Click here for our tour meeting point and shop locations map.

Children on the Bike Tour?
We welcome kids of all ages on our tours. We have several kid bikes in a couple of different sizes, we have child seats and child trailers and we have plenty of kid-sized helmets, so we can pretty much accommodate anyone and everyone.

There is no charge for the use of our child seats, child trailers and helmets and there's no tour charge for children too young to ride their own bike. All kids big enough to ride their own bike pay a discounted "youth" tour price.


* €20 Students
* €22 Adults




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