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Ironman Pro Triathlon Bikes
Updated: Nov 29th 2010 3:13 PM EST by Gear & Tech

What do the top pros ride during a highly-competitive Ironman event? Find out in this photo gallery, featuring the bike gear of the top male and female finishers of the 2010 Ironman Arizona triathlon.

Timo Bracht

Bike: Giant Trinity Advanced SL O
Wheels: Xentis Mark TT
Pedals: Exustar
Tires: Continental
Cranks: Rotor Q-Rings
Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
Sunglasses: Rudy Project
Helmet: Commerzbank painted Giro
Power Meter: SRM
Saddle: Velo Saddles

Chrissie Wellington

Bike: Cannondale Slice
Wheels: Hed Jet 6 front, Hed Jet 9 rear
Tires: Continental clincher
Saddle: Fi:zi’k Wingflex
Hydration: Xlab Carbon Wing, Profile Design Aerodrink
Cycling Shoe: Shimano TR 52
Components: Shimano Dura-Ace
Helmet: Louis Garneau Diamond
Aerobars: Hed Clip Lite


Rasmus Henning

Bike: Specialized Shiv
Wheels: Zipp 1080 front, Sub-9 Disc Tubular
Helmet: Specialized TT2
Components: SRAM Red
Saddle: Specialized Roman
Power Meter: SRM with Garmin Edge 500
Cycling Shoes: Specialized Trivent with Blueseventy toe warmers
Hydration: Specialized front bottle mount, Saltstick
Tires: Zipp Tangente


Linsey Corbin

Bike: Scott Plasma 3
Pedals: Speedplay Zero
Wheels: Zipp 808 front, Zipp Sub-9 Disc w/ Power Tap
Saddle: ISM Adamo Racing
Components: SRAM Red
Power Meter: Cyclops Power Tap
Tires: Zipp Tangente
Aerobars: Vision Tech


Tom Lowe

Bike: Cervelo P3C
Wheels: Zipp 1080 front, Sub-9 Disc
Tires: Continental Sprinter
Helmet: Louis Garneau Rocket Air
Aerobars: Hed Clip Lite
Hydration: Profile Design Aero Lite
Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace
Saddle: Specialized TriTip

Leanda Cave

Bike: Pinarello FT3 Carbon 50HM1K Monocoque
Wheels: Easton EC90 TT
Components: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
Tires: Continental Triathlon Grand Prix
Saddle: ISM Racing
Hydration: Xlab Carbon Wing

Jordan Rapp

Bike: Specialized Transition
Wheels: Zipp 808, Zipp Super-9 Disc
Tires: Zipp Tangente
Cycling Shoes: Specialized S-Works
Components: SRAM Red
Power Meter: Quarq with Garmin Edge 500
Helmet: Specialized TT2
Aerobars: Zipp Vuka Aero


Jozsef Major

Bike: Cervelo P4
Wheels: Zipp 808 front, Zipp Sub-9 Disc
Saddle: ISM Adamo Racing
Hydration: Xlab aero bottle mount, Xlab Carbon Wing
Aerobars: Oval Concept
Helmet: Spiuk Kronos
Sunglasses: Oakley
Components: SRAM Red
Tires: Zipp Tangente

Chris Lieto

Bike: Trek Speed Concept
Wheels: Bontrager Aeolus 9.0 Tubular front, Bontrager Prototype Disc
Components: SRAM Red with SRAM shifters
Saddle: Fi:zi’k Arione Tri2 Braided
Pedals: Look Blade
Cycling Shoes: DMT
Hydration: Bontrager Speed Bottle
Aerobars: Bontrager Race Lite
Power Meter: SRM
Helmet: Spiuk Kronos

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