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ARWS - Adventure Racing World Series campeonato del mundo, gana seagate , españa (Raid Gallaecia Fridama )el 25

‎Iñigo Perdiguero Azpillaga‎
Me han robado la bici.
Es una Mondraker Factor RR de 2015.
26 pulgadas. XT 2x10, con mandos SLX y frenos Fórmula RX. Suspensión Rock Shock.
Componentes Easton.
N serie AS14123391



The Adventure Racing (AR) World Series championship got underway with a Prologue today in Ulladulla. 97 teams from 20 different countries and every continent have arrived in the small coastal town, which is 230km south of Sydney, Australia.

The AR World Series Championship is a gruelling nonstop course, that will see competitors trekking, mountain biking, ocean and river kayaking, pack rafting, navigating and caving for 600 kilometres around the Shoalhaven and surrounds for up to 8 days.

To start the Prologue, the teams assembled at Race Headquarters ready to battle in activities that contained a distinct Aussie flavour.As the teams walked 2km around the coastal headlands with their national flag, there were four unique Australian challenges that were to be completed. These included eating vegemite sandwiches, kicking a goal with an Aussie Rules football, a beach shuttle run wearing thongs whilst holding an esky and a beach flags competition. Winning teams had their faces marked with gold lines of zinc and others green.

Although the results from the Prologue did not count towards the official race, some racers were still fiercely competitive.To complete the Prologue, each team member received their own personal air lounge to relax in on the beach awaiting the official opening ceremony of the AR World Series Championships of 2016.

Competitors also enjoyed a traditional Aussie bar-b-que post event.“The prologue was designed to give international competitors a fun introduction to Australian culture,” says Race Director Craig Bycroft. “It’s also a good opportunity for teams to mix and get to know each other.”

The formalities of the Opening Ceremony included a ‘Welcome to Country’ and a smoking ceremony from the local Aboriginal Elder. Local dignitaries also welcomed competitors to the Shoalhaven.Teams joined together with their flag, in a parade of nations to conclude the night’s celebration.Now as the teams approach their final stages of preparation and receive their maps, they will go into lock down until the official race start on the10th November.

Event Information: and



Peak Adventure hold off Seagate by 1 minute after a day racing on Jervis Bay
97 teams from over 20 countries converged on the tiny, coastal town of Huskisson to line up for the 2016 Adventure Racing (AR) World Series Championships. Commencing with a 35km sea kayak around Jervis Bay, the teams were racing hard from the start to get an early lead.In a new race day format for the World Championship, the teams received their race maps and course notes race day morning. (Previously they had always received them the day before). To ensure all teams were planning with only the course maps and notes supplied, the teams were subject to lockdown (where no computers or phones are allowed), to prepare their routes for the race.After a short bus trip from Race Headquarters to Huskisson, the athletes prepared their kayaks for the first leg of the 14 leg course.

The paddle leg would see teams navigate around the 102km2 oceanic Jervis Bay to collect 6 Checkpoints (CP) in sequential order, after a late course change. This meant all teams would be travelling together to the CPs via the same route around the bay. The stronger paddling teams of Seagate (NZL), Yealands (NZL), Peak Adventure (AUS), Merrell Adventure Addicts (RSA) and (AUS) battled on the bay to emerge into Transition Area (TA) in less than 5 hours.A 14 km trek ensued whereby teams coasteered around rocky headlands and sandy white beaches to Erowal Bay. Peak Adventure lead by 1 minute to Seagate and Yealands by the first CP and managed to hold off the chasing teams in the late afternoon hours, for the remainder of the coastal trek.

As night began to fall, Peak Adventure left Erowal Bay to paddle 13km across Georges Basin to Sussex Inlet. They arrived at the Transition Area at 8.11pm. After 8 hours of racing, they had maintained their lead to Seagate by 1 minute. Team Yealands, in hot pursuit, arrived 3 minutes later to retain their 3rd place.Rounding out the top 5 teams for the day were Adventure Medical Kits and Merrell Adventure Addicts, 5 minutes later.Into the night teams will endure a 95km mountain bike ride to Kioloa, expected to take approximately 8 hours. As the landscape and navigation challenges become more difficult, the leader board may soon change.

Select your favourites
1 Seagate 20:51:10 CP18
8 Adventure Medical Kits 21:21:17 CP18
3 Swedish Armed Forces Adventure 21:26:26 CP18
12 Yealands 20:51:41 CP17
17 Thule Adventure Team 21:03:11 CP17
5 Estonian ACE Adventure 21:05:38 CP17
7 GODZone Adventure - OMM 21:12:50 CP17
39 T7 Team NZ Adventure 21:23:26 CP17
9 Naturex 21:23:34 CP17
6 Merrell Adventure Addicts 21:30:48 CP16
13 Painted Wolf 21:20:38 CP15
78 Sneaky Weasel Gang 21:29:00 CP15
34 Mountain Designs Tiger Adventure 21:29:00 CP15
26 19:56:41 CP14
4 Columbia Vidaraid 20:15:36 CP14
24 Sweco Adventure Team 20:16:38 CP14
18 Shotz Sports Nutrition 20:26:46 CP14
21 Peak Adventure 20:29:00 CP14
10 DSN74 - Hoka 20:42:32 CP14
31 Bones 20:43:00 CP14
15 Tecnu Adventure Racing 20:59:00 CP14
38 CanadaAR 21:14:00 CP14
20 R'ADYS Team Switzerland 21:29:06 CP14
22 Black Hill / OpavaNET 21:29:36 CP14
27 Salomon-Suunto Czech AR Team 20:54:17 CP13
25 Raid Gallaecia Fridama 21:08:30 CP13
48 Outnorth Adventure Team 21:14:00 CP13
29 Rapid Ascent 21:28:28 CP12
57 Cloud Base Nine 21:28:56 CP12
19 Bivouac Inov8 21:29:00 CP12
98 MMD Tiger Adventure 21:29:00 CP12
36 Dynamite - Belgravia Leisure 21:29:00 CP12
92 BMX Bandits 21:30:05 CP12
28 East Wind 21:31:40 CP12
50 Neverest 20:26:11 TA4
88 Mont Adventure Racing 20:36:29 TA4
49 Stromlonauts 20:46:24 TA4
53 Terra Aventura Blue Card 20:56:21 TA4
23 Ecuador Movistar 20:56:21 TA4
32 DART Nuun 20:59:19 TA4
43 Brazil 21:06:19 TA4
42 Tiger Adventure New Caledonia 21:29:00 TA4
16 Horizon Sport - Avallon 21:31:19 TA4
47 Ansilta - Viento Andino 20:27:38 CP10
41 San Juan Aventura I 20:46:39 CP10
77 Endurancelife Tiger Adventure 20:51:37 CP10
14 Uruguay Natural Ultra Sports 20:51:47 CP10
82 Sportera / K-LAMP France 21:11:54 CP10
67 Allsports Tiger Adventure 21:17:01 CP10
65 Cameltoes 21:26:16 CP10
52 Sportotal 18:50:32 CP9
51 Bear Hunt 20:46:30 CP9
37 Mawson Tiger Adventure 21:01:46 CP9
73 Everyday Life Fitness / Tiger AR 21:04:37 CP9
45 Juggernaut 21:16:35 CP9
84 Raidaran Trangoworld 21:21:14 CP9
91 21:22:13 CP9
59 Synergy Tiger Adventure 16:52:52 CP8
74 GuReus 17:05:58 CP8
70 hARd Day's Night 18:09:37 CP8
69 Outward Bound Australia 18:31:04 CP8
90 Rev3 / USMES 18:44:00 CP8
94 Muppets 18:44:55 CP8
61 Proximity AR 18:58:58 CP8
76 Type2Fun 19:26:32 CP8
97 Brioche 19:31:11 CP8
95 Adventure Systems 19:36:17 CP8
68 Live Adventure 19:41:22 CP8
35 Real Discovery 19:44:46 CP8
30 International Tiger Adventure 19:52:00 CP8
60 Licorice Allsorts Tiger Adv 20:03:13 CP8
56 4050 Adventure 20:06:24 CP8
64 Secretos de ULLUM 20:16:18 CP8
40 Peaklife Sport 20:21:10 CP8
80 Resultz Racing 20:29:00 CP8
11 Goldfish 20:44:00 CP8
99 Rubicon 20:44:18 CP8
66 Spirit 20:56:34 CP8
33 PowerBar Swiss Explorers 12:31:05 CP7
46 NYARA USA 17:19:35 CP7
58 Latitude 19 17:20:59 CP7
55 Intrepid Tiger Adventurers 17:24:31 CP7
63 Creak Adventure 201 17:27:25 CP7
71 Eye of The Tiger Adventure 18:00:42 CP7
81 XTrail 18:27:26 CP7
54 Scouts Tiger Adventure 18:31:19 CP7
75 Coffee, Wine & Blood! 18:49:04 CP7
93 HMGA 19:41:31 CP7
62 It's all good 19:41:40 CP7
79 Tri Adventure M&Ms 20:11:40 CP7
96 Tiger Adventure Mongrels 20:16:11 CP7
87 Adventure Racing Coromandel 21:28:18 CP7

dìa 2

Top Teams Push Through the Rugged Budawangs on to the Nerriga Pub
Day 2 of Adventure Racing (AR) World Series Championships saw race leaders Seagate (NZL), complete the 37km paddle on the Clyde River on dusk. Leg 7 is the 58km mountain bike ride from Shallow Crossing to Yadboro Flat situated on the outskirts of the Morton National Park


The mountain bike leg is an undulating ride on unsealed roads, through the Southern Forests of the Shoalhaven. The estimated time for this leg is 4.5 hours for the top teams. Riding into the night with a solid lead, Seagate used this leg to catch up on some sleep in the Transition Area (TA), completing the leg in 6 hours. Adventure Medical Kits (USA) and Estonian Ace Adventure (EST) a couple of hours behind.

Yealands (NZL) retired after Leg 7 due to a bike mechanical issue. Merrell Adventure Addicts (RSA), also had issues with the gears on one of their bikes. However they decided to continue racing, riding the bike in a fixed gear.


In the early hours of the morning of Day 3, the teams commenced the Budawangs Wilderness Trek, through the rugged mountain range within the Morton National Park. This is a tough 45km trek with approximately 1,700 metres elevation. It starts with a steep climb up to Castle Gap to collect the first Control Point (CP), then continues along tracks through valleys and over climbs to arrive at Nerriga. The trek takes in spectacular caves and cliffs as it winds through the mountain range.


As well as traversing difficult terrain, the tricky part for the team navigator might be the confusion of tracks. Some tracks appear on the ground but may not yet be marked on the map. This can slow teams down, especially when travelling at night, when visibility is very low.

The hot, humid day saw temperatures rise to over 30 degrees Celsius. Seagate completed the scenic leg throughout the morning arriving in good spirits at Nerriga early afternoon. The transition area (TA) at Nerriga is the Nerigga Hotel. This means teams can enjoy hot meals for the first time in the race

Then they will continue on to Bungonia for a 70kms mountain bike ride, to do the caving in Leg 10. Here it will be compulsory for all teams to stay for at this TA for 5 hours regardless of how long (or short) the caving takes.

As the day closes, the top teams are finishing the trek. Columbia Vidaraid (EST) move to second place behind leaders Seagate. Adventure Medical Kits (USA), Shotz Sports Nutrition (AUS), and Estonia ACE Adventure (EST) round out the top 5 of the leaderboard.

dìa 2

1 Seagate 40:38:37 CP28
4 Columbia Vidaraid 41:18:51 CP28
8 Adventure Medical Kits 41:21:33 CP28
5 Estonian ACE Adventure 41:48:55 CP28
17 Thule Adventure Team 41:52:26 CP28
9 Naturex 42:22:44 CP28
3 Swedish Armed Forces Adventure 37:29:00 TA7
18 Shotz Sports Nutrition 37:59:00 TA7
26 37:59:00 TA7
13 Painted Wolf 38:29:00 TA7
6 Merrell Adventure Addicts 40:38:48 TA7
12 Yealands 40:56:08 TA7
39 T7 Team NZ Adventure 40:59:00 TA7
21 Peak Adventure 40:59:00 TA7
78 Sneaky Weasel Gang 41:14:00 TA7
31 Bones 41:14:00 TA7
34 Mountain Designs Tiger Adventure 41:29:05 TA7
10 DSN74 - Hoka 41:44:06 TA7
22 Black Hill / OpavaNET 41:48:24 TA7
15 Tecnu Adventure Racing 40:44:00 CP26
24 Sweco Adventure Team 42:04:49 CP26
20 R'ADYS Team Switzerland 42:06:07 CP26
27 Salomon-Suunto Czech AR Team 42:21:00 CP25
38 CanadaAR 42:23:05 CP25
25 Raid Gallaecia Fridama 42:14:00 CP24
48 Outnorth Adventure Team 40:21:08 CP23
88 Mont Adventure Racing 41:36:11 CP23
43 Brazil Terra De Gigantes Selva 41:41:07 CP23
36 Dynamite - Belgravia Leisure 41:52:28 CP23
28 East Wind 41:54:15 CP23
19 Bivouac Inov8 42:10:04 CP23
57 Cloud Base Nine 42:14:00 CP23
98 MMD Tiger Adventure 37:00:48 TA6
50 Neverest 40:14:00 TA6
29 Rapid Ascent 40:55:13 TA6
92 BMX Bandits 41:18:14 TA6
42 Tiger Adventure New Caledonia 41:39:47 TA6
47 Ansilta - Viento Andino 41:46:30 TA6
14 Uruguay Natural Ultra Sports 41:50:41 TA6
23 Ecuador Movistar 41:59:00 TA6
53 Terra Aventura Blue Card 42:04:15 TA6
67 Allsports Tiger Adventure 38:33:29 TA6
41 San Juan Aventura I 38:44:00 CP21
82 Sportera / K-LAMP France 38:59:00 CP21
32 DART Nuun 39:29:00 CP21
49 Stromlonauts 39:29:00 CP21
77 Endurancelife Tiger Adventure 39:41:13 CP21
16 Horizon Sport - Avallon 39:44:06 CP21
84 Raidaran Trangoworld 39:59:00 CP21
91 40:20:20 CP21
90 Rev3 / USMES 40:29:00 CP21
70 hARd Day's Night 40:44:00 CP21
37 Mawson Tiger Adventure 41:14:00 CP21
65 Cameltoes 41:08:53 TA5
73 Everyday Life Fitness / Tiger AR 41:41:29 TA5
61 Proximity AR 42:03:49 TA5
45 Juggernaut 42:16:28 TA5
51 Bear Hunt 42:23:22 TA5
74 GuReus 42:22:56 CP19
76 Type2Fun 38:29:33 CP18
94 Muppets 40:29:00 CP18
33 PowerBar Swiss Explorers 40:44:56 CP18
68 Live Adventure 40:53:01 CP18
69 Outward Bound Australia 42:08:35 CP18
60 Licorice Allsorts Tiger Adv 42:14:43 CP18
80 Resultz Racing 42:15:16 CP18
30 International Tiger Adventure 42:19:04 CP18
95 Adventure Systems 41:23:00 CP17
40 Peaklife Sport 41:24:10 CP17
11 Goldfish 41:44:30 CP17
46 NYARA USA 42:11:54 CP17
64 Secretos de ULLUM 42:03:49 CP16
56 4050 Adventure 42:16:53 CP16
35 Real Discovery 37:29:00 CP15
97 Brioche 42:14:00 CP15
99 Rubicon 35:28:13 CP14
63 Creak Adventure 201 35:52:58 CP14
58 Latitude 19 36:24:56 CP15
71 Eye of The Tiger Adventure 36:52:54 CP14
54 Scouts Tiger Adventure 40:42:38 CP14
75 Coffee, Wine & Blood! 40:44:06 CP14
62 It's all good 41:57:11 CP14
81 XTrail 35:44:00 CP13
93 HMGA 40:37:57 CP13
79 Tri Adventure M&Ms 41:58:06 CP13
96 Tiger Adventure Mongrels 42:14:00 CP13
87 Adventure Racing Coromandel 35:47:55 TA4
55 Intrepid Tiger Adventurers 40:13:08 TA4
Non Comp
59 Synergy Tiger Adventure 36:29:14 TA5
89 PNG Reunion 38:33:57 TA5
72 Tiger Adventure Munch Express 41:44:06 TA4
7 GODZone Adventure - OMM 26:34:10 CP21
52 Sportotal 22:59:06 TA4
66 Spirit

dìa 3

Bungonia caving slows teams in the final stages
Seagate (NZL) continues to lead the Adventure Racing (AR) World Series Championships from Adventure Medical Kits as night falls on Day 4 of the race. The team rode 70km to Bungonia, commencing the caving leg at 2pm.In Leg 10, the teams must navigate to find 5 out of 6 Control Points (CP) located in various caves around the Bungonia National Park. The caves are identified by a number on a metal tag outside of the cave. All teams have a compulsory time of 5 hours, regardless of what time they take to complete the leg. If a team misses a CP, there is time penalty of 4 hours.Seagate commenced the caving at night. The team took the full 5 hours in the end, visiting all the caves. One cave, “The Flatner” proved a little too much of a squeeze for Nathan Fa’avae, so the team was forced to go to the remaining cave to complete this section. They then opted for a 3 hour sleep, in readiness to push on to pack rafting and the remaining legs to the finish tomorrow.

American Medical Kits (USA) were next to check in for caving. The team is having a flawless race after making only one small error on the second mountain bike leg. Columbia Vidaraid (USA) was 45 minutes later after virtually no sleep in the last 24 hours, racing hard so they could maintain their place in the front.Caving and sleeping done, Seagate were onwards to the 44km pack rafting leg on the Upper Shoalhaven River and the Shoalhaven Gorge.“We are expecting teams will make a route choice of hiking down the Green Track into the gorge, and along the spectacular Slot Canyon and down to the river” says Race Director Craig Bycroft.The lead teams chose the expected route, boulder hopping over the huge boulders for 4 hours with their pack rafts, before reaching the river to paddle. Some later teams chose a much slower route, choosing to hike back up the steep incline of the river gorge after reaching the CP, to then another trail down to the river.By mid afternoon Adventure Medical Kits are now only 1.5 hours behind Seagate. With only 3 legs left to complete, the race for the finish line is on.

Current Standings at end of Day 4:

Seagate (NZL)
American Medical Kits (USA)
Columbia Vidaraid (USA)
Painted Wolf (RSA)
Naturex (FRA)
Retired Team:

Thule Adventure Team (SWE) due to injury

Seagate untouchable for the World Champs Win
After 4 days of racing, covering up to 630km of mountain biking, trekking and paddling around the Shoalhaven region, Seagate (NZL) have stormed home to win the Adventure Racing (AR) World Series Championships at Ulladulla just before midday today.A dominant force in the Adventure Racing world, they were always going to be the team to beat for the world title. As other teams attempted to match their feat… strategy, fatigue and errors, played a large part in the final placings.American Medical Kits (USA) after finishing the pack rafting leg, were 1.5 hours behind Seagate. They had been maintaining the same time gap behind Seagate for the last several stages now. Despite a navigation error in an early mountain bike leg, the team seemed to be having a flawless race in pursuit of the leaders.

At the end of Leg 12, the 56km kayak down the Shoalhaven River, American Medical Kits arrived to find Seagate still in the transition area. Seagate had made a decision after their paddle, to prepare their gear for the next leg, and take a sleep before heading out on the final 2 legs of the race. This may seem a strange race strategy, but it would seem they had been looking at minimizing any errors in the final mountain bike and coastal trek.As American Medical Kits came off the river, Seagate left the TA to mountain bike 99km through the Morton National Park. With a speedy transition, American Medical Kits left the TA to chase them down. However, suffering sleep deficit, the team had to stop shortly thereafter, for a 40 minute sleep.Seagate, with sleep in the bank, forged ahead on the18km Coastal trek along Conjola Beach to take the win at Ulladulla 2 hours ahead.

A weary Columbia Vidaraid finished third. The team used a race strategy of minimal sleep. The team had started slowly and gained strength as the race progressed.Estonia ACE Adventure (EST) were next to finish, however they received a 2 hour penalty, which will be added to their total time, taking them to 6th place.In a close finish, Painted Wolf (RSA) and Naturex (FRA) sprinted to the line. Painted Wolf lost half an hour due to a navigational error, resulting in a wrong turn on the final mountain bike. This allowed Naturex to catch up. With a minute between teams, Painted Wolf held off Naturex to take 4th place.The first Australian team to finish was Shotz Sports Nutrition in 7th place.As the top teams continue to roll across the finish line, the teams of weekend warriors continue around the course, to finish by the 8 day cut off on Friday.

The next AR World Series Championship will be in Wyoming, USA in 2017.

2016 AR World Championship final placings for the top 5:

Seagate (NZL)
American Medical Kits (USA)
Columbia Vidaraid (USA)
Painted Wolf (RSA)
Naturex (FRA)

1 Seagate 66:44:07 CP36
4 Columbia Vidaraid 67:29:00 CP35
8 Adventure Medical Kits 67:29:44 CP35
18 Shotz Sports Nutrition 57:59:00 TA9
5 Estonian ACE Adventure 58:25:03 TA9
9 Naturex 58:59:33 TA9
13 Painted Wolf 59:03:39 TA9
26 59:44:00 TA9
39 T7 Team NZ Adventure 59:59:00 TA9
10 DSN74 - Hoka 61:14:00 TA9
34 Mountain Designs Tiger Adventure 61:44:00 TA9
3 Swedish Armed Forces Adventure 62:29:00 TA9
31 Bones 62:37:55 TA9
22 Black Hill / OpavaNET 63:59:00 TA9
21 Peak Adventure 64:14:00 TA9
20 R'ADYS Team Switzerland 64:14:00 TA9
15 Tecnu Adventure Racing 64:14:00 TA9
24 Sweco Adventure Team 65:29:00 TA9
78 Sneaky Weasel Gang 67:17:27 TA9
48 Outnorth Adventure Team 66:59:06 CP32
17 Thule Adventure Team 59:14:00 TA8
6 Merrell Adventure Addicts 62:14:00 TA8
27 Salomon-Suunto Czech AR Team 62:44:00 TA8
38 CanadaAR 63:44:00 TA8
88 Mont Adventure Racing 64:29:04 TA8
28 East Wind 66:29:00 TA8
25 Raid Gallaecia Fridama 66:59:06 TA8
92 BMX Bandits 66:44:00 CP30
23 Ecuador Movistar 66:59:00 CP30
57 Cloud Base Nine 66:59:00 CP30
53 Terra Aventura Blue Card 67:29:00 CP30
50 Neverest 66:14:00 CP29
98 MMD Tiger Adventure 66:44:00 CP29
36 Dynamite - Belgravia Leisure 66:44:38 CP29
19 Bivouac Inov8 52:39:38 CP28
29 Rapid Ascent 53:36:16 CP28
43 Brazil Terra De Gigantes Selva 53:44:00 CP28
14 Uruguay Natural Ultra Sports 53:45:04 CP28
32 DART Nuun 55:14:00 CP28
42 Tiger Adventure New Caledonia 55:44:00 CP28
67 Allsports Tiger Adventure 56:14:44 CP28
49 Stromlonauts 56:44:00 CP28
77 Endurancelife Tiger Adventure 57:14:00 CP28
91 57:14:33 CP28
82 Sportera / K-LAMP France 57:45:07 CP28
41 San Juan Aventura I 57:48:42 CP28
16 Horizon Sport - Avallon 57:59:00 CP28
47 Ansilta - Viento Andino 58:03:22 CP28
84 Raidaran Trangoworld 59:44:08 CP28
90 Rev3 / USMES 60:44:00 CP28
37 Mawson Tiger Adventure 61:29:28 CP28
70 hARd Day's Night 64:29:00 CP28
65 Cameltoes 67:16:10 CP28
51 Bear Hunt 60:46:43 TA7
45 Juggernaut 60:47:07 TA7
33 PowerBar Swiss Explorers 60:59:06 TA7
68 Live Adventure 62:29:00 TA7
76 Type2Fun 62:44:00 TA7
73 Everyday Life Fitness / Tiger AR 62:59:56 TA7
69 Outward Bound Australia 64:29:00 TA7
30 International Tiger Adventure 64:29:06 TA7
74 GuReus 66:44:06 TA7
95 Adventure Systems 66:14:00 CP26
94 Muppets 66:45:36 CP26
11 Goldfish 66:54:12 CP26
40 Peaklife Sport 66:29:00 CP25
64 Secretos de ULLUM 66:44:00 CP25
35 Real Discovery 66:56:14 CP25
46 NYARA USA 66:59:06 CP25
58 Latitude 19 67:29:00 CP25
56 4050 Adventure 64:29:00 CP24
60 Licorice Allsorts Tiger Adv 65:45:26 CP24
71 Eye of The Tiger Adventure 65:59:00 CP24
99 Rubicon 66:14:00 CP24
97 Brioche 66:29:00 CP24
54 Scouts Tiger Adventure 66:59:00 CP24
63 Creak Adventure 201 66:59:00 CP24
80 Resultz Racing 55:58:59 TA6
62 It's all good 59:14:00 TA6
79 Tri Adventure M&Ms 65:21:01 TA6
93 HMGA 65:44:00 TA6
75 Coffee, Wine & Blood! 66:29:00 TA6
81 XTrail 66:31:53 TA6
55 Intrepid Tiger Adventurers 67:29:00 TA6
87 Adventure Racing Coromandel 64:00:51 CP21
Non Comp
59 Synergy Tiger Adventure 66:32:10 CP28
61 Proximity AR 59:59:00 TA7
89 PNG Reunion 61:59:00 TA7
96 Tiger Adventure Mongrels 67:14:00 CP23
12 Yealands 40:56:08 TA7
7 GODZone Adventure - OMM 26:34:10 CP21
52 Sportotal 22:59:06 TA4
72 Tiger Adventure Munch Express 41:44:06 TA4
66 Spirit 28:04:13 CP10



Spirits are high as the final teams are welcomed with pizza and champagne, across the finishing line at Ulladulla, in the 2016 AR World Series Championship.
Seagate (NZL), defending world champions, steadily increased their lead to take the win just short of 5 days of racing. Adventure Medical Kits (USA) and Columbia Vidaraid (USA), 2nd and 3rd respectively pushed hard to catch Seagate but just couldn’t close the gap.
The scenic course saw 97 teams from around the world, kayaking, mountain biking, caving, trekking and navigating, non-stop day and night, for 630 km and 8 days around The Shoalhaven region.
In a race of attrition, teams contended with the course terrain, sleep deprivation, navigational errors, injuries, bike mechanicals, weather, and fatigue.
Some selected highlights of the 8 day expedition race were:
The Prologue:
Teams had to complete Aussie themed challenges such as eating vegemite sandwiches, and a beach flags competition. Traditional owners welcomed the athletes.
Day 1
35km sea kayak around the beautiful, oceanic Jervis Bay amongst dolphins and whales and local wildlife on the shore.
Day 2
95km Florence Head with a hell hike-a-bike. In this hilly leg, the teams had a challenging hike-a-bike section which required moving their bikes over terrain which was more like in a trekking leg.
Special mention of Goldfish, as they managed to get their tandem mountain bike over this section of the course.
Day 3
45km wilderness trek through the rugged Budawangs. Some teams struggled with navigation as trails disappeared and others appeared, causing confusion and lost time, especially at night.
Special mention of Team 4050 Adventure, who collected litter on the trek, shouted the volunteers at the TA pizza and then helped load the truck with bike boxes, before continuing on.
Day 4
Bungonia Caving. Teams navigated through various sized caves to collect CPs with a mud map.
Special mention of Intrepid Tigers who arrived just after a hail storm to start the caving. It was cold, wet and muddy making it even more difficult.
Day 5
44km Pack rafting Leg on the Upper Shoalhaven River. Teams boulder-hopped down the Slot Canyon carrying their pack rafts down to then paddle down the Shoalhaven River.
Special Mention of Naturex. Audrey paddled the pack raft as her team mate slept. That’s teamwork!
2016 AR World Championship final placings for the top 5:
1. Seagate (NZL)
2. American Medical Kits (USA)
3. Columbia Vidaraid (USA)
4. Painted Wolf (RSA)
5. Naturex (FRA)
The next AR World Series Championship will be Wyoming, USA in 2017


Bueno, aprovechando en jet lag y que aun tenemos reciente esta grandísima carrera, me pongo a escribir esta crónica que espero que no se os haga pesada ya que voy a intentar que sea lo mas amena y divertida posible, evitando que se alargue mucho, pero tenéis que entender que es una carrera de 6 días para nosotros, en la que hemos vivido de todo.

Este articulo se titula así ya que fue´la manera con la que me puse en contacto con mis dos nuevos compañeros de equipo, Esteban y Lorena. Después de varios intentos con chicas de Catalunya y de Colombia, a dos meses de la carrera se nos ponía muy difícil la participación todo y tener todo listo ya. Pero con un empujón de Esteban, "Lore Ramitos” se decidió.
No me alargaré con el calvario que pasamos para conseguir las visas de Colombia porque a dos dias de volar, no teníamos la visa de Jorge, y sin ella, no podíamos comprar vuelos, con el aumento de precios de los vuelos correspondiente.

Todo el equipo junto el día de la presentación y etapa prologo, pero con un inconveniente mas. A Esteban le han perdido la caja de la bicicleta. Bueno….. le dicen que llegará a tiempo, que no nos preocupemos. Pues eso al prologo que es una orientación por la ciudad con pruebas divertidas en las playas y con final en otra hermosa playa vecina donde se haría una ceremonia todos sentados en unos globos gigantes.

Ahora si!!!!! Día 10 de noviembre, el mas esperado. Qué nervios!!! entregamos cajas y bolsas a la organización y a la entrega de mapas. Marcamos los mapas en 2 horas todos en una sala con mesas y sillas, y nada de brifing. perfecto!!! esta todo dicho. Al bus una hora que nos llevará a Jervis Bay que es una grandísima saia donde iniciaremos el Campeonato del Mundo con una sección de Kayak de 35 km.

AL llegar al lugar, organización de casi 200 kayaks en una playita y casi 400 raiders fué perfecta. En las fotos se puede apreciar la magnitud del evento.
Nos empezamos a concentrar y aun no tenemos claro como vamos a remar. Cada equipo dispone de dos kayaks. Uno rápido y ligero y uno lento y pesado.
Preguntamos a equipos amigos y no lo tienen claro pero parece que la mejor opción es remar tres en el kayak pesado y arrastrar al ligero con una persona.
Finalmente hacemos 2 y 2 y ya veremos.
La salida es tipo Le Mans corriendo hasta la playa para embarcar y salir pitando.
El mismo estrés de todas as salidas de una carrera internacional en la que llevas mas de un año preparando.
Yo remo con Esteban y este parece el conejo de Duracel. Rema a 80 paladas por minuto mínimo y yo me dejo la vida todo y que mi remo es mucho mas grande, y me cuesta hasta respirar. Con todo Jorge y Lorena desaparecen y no los podemos seguir.
Después de una hora dándolo todo sin poder alcanzarlos le digo a Esteban que baje la cadencia y remadas mas suaves y efectivas que acaba de empezar. Jorge y Lorena se dan cuenta y nos remolcan después de los primeros 18 kms. Ahora vamos mejor!!!
Primer CP en una playita y cambio de estrategia. Los tres hombres de motor en el pesado y lorena sola en el ligero. Ahora si!!!
Los primeros equipos nos deben llevar mas de una hora al llegar al tercer CP conde nos esperaba un canguro para la foto. Era la foto mas deseada así que no nos estresamos y posamos para el fotografo que está en la playa. Ahora, el objetivo es llegar a la AT de día para no coger frío.
Al llegara a la AT nos sacamos la arena de los zapatos, recogemos remos y xzlecos y a correr.

Kayak 35 km
Ahora si!! Comentamos la jugada y, seamos realistas, el agua no es lo nuestro. Lore vive lejos del agua y no rema, Esteban entrena en un laguito de 3 km por vuelta, yo he intentado salir en kayak 4-6 horas a la semana en el últimos 3 meses y sufro de la espalda y Jorge es muy buen kayakista pero.,.,Salimos del agua en posición 68. Si si!! 68 y yo estaba ya con los brazos duros como rocas.
Pues nos adelantaban kayaks con tíos que pesaban mas de 350 kg entre los 4 como si llevaran motor.
Total que los primeros en las primeras 8 horas de carrera, ya nos sacan mas de 2.

Sección 2
El trekking-coastering de 14 km se nos da muy bien y lo corremos casi todo y conseguimos adelantar unos 15-20 equipos. Endorfinas a tope!!!
Hacemos una transición nocturna para volver a nuestros kayaks queridos y a coger rumbo que es un lago.

Sección 3
Kayak de 13 km.
Por intuición vamos en dirección a unas luces verdes y rojas que normalmente marcan las entradas y salidas de los ríos pero el rumbo de brújula de muñeca hemisferio norte no dice lo mismo. Así que dudo un poco, mientras nos adelantan varios equipos.
Finalmente termino sacando mi brújula de dedo hemisferio Sur que llevaba guardada y me doy cuenta que la de muñeca no sirve en Australia.
Terminamos el kayak con el consuelo que ahora estaremos muchas hora sin verlos.

Sección 4 BTT 95 km
Salimos en bici de 95 km como si nos tuviéramos que poner primeros antes de terminarla. Pues si!! vamos a unos ritmos altísimos, tanto que que a los 15 kms no veo un sendero a la derecha y nos toca volver menos de un kilometro. YO muy feliz de solo tener ese fallo por ahora en la navegación y poder seguir el altísimo ritmo que pone Lore Ramitos.
Lorena es una deportista “profesional”, es pacer de Nike, lo que significa que entrena a gente y les marca el ritmo en entrenos y carreras, a mas es una de las mejores ciclomontañistas de Colombia y está patrocinada por FOCUS. Os podéis imaginar como sube?? No se baja nunca de la bici. así que en el punto mas alto de la sección de bici nos encontramos marcando la baliza (aun la primera noche) a mas de 10 equipos. Pues que motivación!!!! Que bien!!!
A hora a bajar!!! Pues tanto darle nos tenemos que parar a dormir pues nos vamos a matar ya que Lorena y Jorge se quedan dormidos en la bajada.

Pues si!! Y menos también. Yo no tengo sueño y me está cogiendo frío así que les digo que en 30’ nos ponemos en marcha. todos de acuerdo y pongo el despertador. Jorge y Esteban empiezan a RONCAR a los 30”. Espero que Lorena se duerma también y en 5 ‘ los despierto.
Recogen mantas térmicas y a dar pedales. Ni se han dado cuenta que no han dormido mas de 6’ hasta que oyen la alarma de mi despertador pasados unos kilometros ya saliendo el sol.
La táctica funcionó y nos reímos mucho. Ahora toca parar a sacar ropa ya que hace muchísimo calor. Llevamos 24 horas y hemos dormido 15’ y vamos como un tiro en la bici en unas subidas mortales “pepinos” para Lore.

Sección 5 Treking-costering de 38 km
Una sección muy rápida y con poco desnivel que realizamos casi toda de dia. Con muchísimos acantilados y playas de ensueño. Cuando empieza a oscurecer debemos sacar la brújula y empezar a orientar ya que hay dos CP que están un poco mas complicados que lo hecho hasta ahora y llegamos a un cruce de un río que lo hacemos con unos kayaks que están listos para atravesar unos 150m de agua.

AL llegar a la transición, en la que ya tenemos planificado un descanso de unas 2 horas, encontramos un pizzero que le entrega unas pizzas a un equipo y le pedimos dos pizzas para nosotros. Llevamos 36 horas y nos sientan superbién. Descansamos cuando todo esta listo. Chalecos, Kayaks, comida de sección, mochilas, luces, luces quimicas, luz estroboscopica.... Una transición sin techo ni tiendas de campaña y... La ley de Murfie. A llover!!! yo que me había puesto en el suelo blandito en la hierva, me despierto temblando ya que estoy mojadísimo.

Sección 6 DE NUEVO KAYAK!!!! 37 km
Como el Kayak es lo nuestro ya, acertamos con el tema de mareas y nos ponemos a remar justo cuando empieza a subir la marea y esto nos beneficia ya que es río arriba. La verdad que vamos muy bien, el descanso ha hecho efecto y los ánimos están muy bien.

Esta vez ya de salida decidimos salir 3 en el kayak grande y Lore en el ligero remolcado. La noche en kayak es muy dura y, de vez en cuando tenemos que cantar, explicar historias o inventarnos series de 30 o 40 remadas muy fuertes, para no dormirnos. Una segunda noche en la que nos va lloviendo de vez en cuando y en la que no nos va del todo mal, pero en la que no adelantamos ni nos adelanta nadie. Donde están los equipos??? Cuando sale el sol vemos la espectacularidad de los paisajes y nos damos cuenta lo afortunados que somos de poder estar en un lugar así y, haciendo lo que mas nos gusta.


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