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Findster duo ,localiza tu mascota sin cuotas




Here is a short demo video where you can actually see Findster Duo's main functionalities in action:

Findster Duo - The 1st GPS Pet Tracker Free of Monthly Fees!

Findster Duo tracks your pets’ location using GPS with no data fees, and rewards you for keeping them healthy! Smart. Connected. Fun.Even the most well-behaved furry friend will jump at the chance to explore the unknown when the opportunity comes. It’s like magic, actually... just a moment of distraction, the slightest opportunity and BAM! - they’re nowhere to be seen!

Findster Duo is the next generation of GPS pet trackers, giving your escape artists the freedom they desire while assuring your peace of mind!

Take a look at what Findster Duo has to offer!

Findster Duo uses high-precision GPS to track the location of your pet in real-time. Using the Findster App, you can check your pet's position on the map and you’ll know exactly where to look!

Our App includes a built-in Radar, which shows your distance from your pet and guides you right to its location. Finding your best buddy becomes so easy that it almost feels like cheating at hide and seek!

So now you know that you’ll be able to find Mr. Tail-wagger if he decides to go on one of his little solo expeditions… but how can you be sure that he isn’t chasing the ducks down near the lake? Using security fences, that’s how! They’re easy to create and extremely effective. There are two types: Security Zones (where you want your pet to stay) and Danger Zones (where you want your pet to avoid!). Simple.If either type of fence is breached you are immediately alerted, giving you time to react. This way you can relax, because you know what your furry friend is up to! With Findster Duo, you’ll never be caught off guard again.There’s also another type of fence, specifically designed for W-A-L-K-S: the Virtual Leash. The Virtual Leash centers on your position and moves with you. if you’re walking your pet without a leash but he strays too far from your defined range, you receive an immediate notification. Time to call him closer!

Ever come home after a satisfying walk with your four-legged companion and want to track your path? With Findster Duo you can revisit your walks and past locations, and even analyze your performance in detail - right to the number of steps and paws you both walked!

But that’s not all - Findster Duo provides you with key data and information, helping you assure that your pets’ needs are met. Maybe she’s been resting all day and needs some extra exercise, or maybe seems more tired than usual and could use some rest. Either way, Findster Duo will let you know with timely alerts on your smartphone.And because fun should always be a part of life, Challenges and Leaderboards are at your disposal! If you’ve always bragged about your Labrador being the fastest dog in the state of Texas, or you’re just curious about how he performs compared with other Labs, this is your chance to find out!

Findster Duo was designed to make keeping up with your pets' life as practical as possible - even when you’re not present. Using the Findster App, you can share access to your pet with your family and friends and monitor his safety from anywhere. You can also use this feature to make sure your Pet Walker is not just talking the talk, but actually walking the walk! Sharing is caring, and it’s never been easier.Have more than one pet? No problem - with Findster Duo you can monitor up to 5 pets at the same time using extra Findster modules. So whether you just really love dogs or you walk them for a living, you can ensure that all of them are safe. No one gets left behind!

Knowing where your pet is and what she’s doing is great - but we're going beyond that. Findster Duo is the first product that rewards you for keeping your pet healthy.Findster Duo measures each step and mile she walks, and you can access discounts on her favourite food by reaching milestones. Not only does your dog benefit from all her regular exercise, but your wallet does as well!

You can also get reminders when your pet’s food is running out, so you never forget when it is time to refill.Findster Duo does not require a cellular connection to work - the system is independent of Telcos. This means that there are no geographical barriers! You can use it anytime and anywhere, without restrictions.

This also makes Findster Duo the first GPS Pet tracker completely free of monthly fees! Why should you keep paying for something you’ve already bought? We feel that this mindset is outdated, and Findster Duo was born out of our desire to provide an alternative. No extra payments or fees whatsoever - pay once, use it forever!

Our App will be available for iOS and Android, and we're curently using each platform’s native maps (Google Maps on Android, Apple Maps on iOS). They’ll be available offline, so that you can use the system even if you’re completely off-the-grid!

If we reach $200,000 in funding, we’ll be adding a new map type that highlights green zones! The difference between the current maps and the new one is visible: while the native maps focus on urban environments, the Green Zones map highlights natural landscapes like parks and other open areas.

This new map type will also be available offline, and the entire planet will be represented. It will be particularly useful in urban areas - you’ll easily know what is the closest green space regarding your current location and it will let you discover new places to explore with your buddy!

There are two physical modules, one for your furry friend (Pet module) and another for you (Guardian module). They are wirelessly connected to each other, and all you need to make them work is the Findster App!

The modules are rechargeable (a USB charger is included), lightweight and highly precise. Most importantly, the Pet modules are sturdy enough to accompany your best friends on the craziest of adventures!

You may be asking yourself, “Why are two modules needed”? At the core of Findster Duo is the MAZE technology. Developed entirely by our team, it allows both modules to communicate wirelessly in a range of up to 2 miles (3.2 km), eliminating the need for a cellular connection to send the GPS coordinates - effectively removing the need for monthly fees!

The Pet module can be attached to any collar using the included Velcro strap. This method of attachment provides versatility without sacrificing security.As for the Guardian module, you can carry it in your pocket and forget that it exists. It's as simple as that!

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Findster Duo single pack

Welcome to the Findster family! Get Findster Duo at a very limited price (includes 1 Guardian module, 1 Pet module and 1 Charger). Retail price: $149

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