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Rubèn ruzafa otra vez campeòn del mundo y van tres ! / duffy gana en mujeres , riveros 2ª


rubèn ruzafa 3 veces campeòn del mundo Xterra y 3 veces campeòn del mundo ITU

Triple Crown for Ruben Ruzafa (ESP) at Cross Triathlon World Championship

By Lisa Pringle on 19/11/16 at 9:26 am
He was the hunter for the first part of the race, as he predicted, but his patience, experience and skill earned Ruben Ruzafa (ESP) a third ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship.After exiting the water in 16th place he clawed his way to the front on lap two of the bike and ran away with it from there, winning an unprecedented third consecutive year. Earning his first ITU podium, Josiah Middaugh (USA) finished with the silver medal and Braden Currie of New Zealand with the bronze.
“I thought the race would be more hard because the cause was flat. In the swim I lose less than I thought maybe 1.20 and I caught the riders early in the beginning of the lap,” said Ruzafa.“Every lap I try to increase my performance, on the last lap I push until the limit and I arrive first, I’m really happy because Maui was hard for me losing in the last 2km.”
Australia’s Ben Allen lead the two-lap 750m swim from the gun, predicting that to win this race you would need to nail the swim, Jen Roth (GER) kept right on his toes and the pair were first into transition with the wily Courtney Atkinson (AUS), Brice Daubord (FRA), Currie and Sam Osborne (NZL) all out in smart succession. The reigning world champion Ruben Ruzafa was 1min 15sec down in 16th position.
But the dual world champion quickly made up time with his superb bike handling skills, and on the second of the two 16.4km bike loops was leading the trio out front that included Currie and Allen. Ruzafa pushed his lead out to 3min 30sec at the end of the bike. Currie was next out followed by Allen.The mountain bike trails encompass two alpine lakes and includes rocky paths, bridges, rock gardens and creek crossings, which required a high level of skill, which Ruzafa had in spades.
Getting overtaken in the final 2km of the Xterra World Championship hurt Ruzafa and was driving him on.
“I didn’t lose a lot of energy in the bike because it was technical in the second lap I just concentrated.
“Since the beginning I start to take time in the bike and then in the run take four minutes so it’s really a good time for me to start the run,” said Ruzafa.But at the end of lap one on the run the changes were happening behind, Currie was 2min 50sec behind Ruzafa, but Middaugh was the big mover, up into third moving Allen to fourth.
The challenging trail run traversed the banks of the Little Thredbo River with a few surprises and challenges including creek crossings, a river run, suspension bridge, obstacles, rock scrambles and some true off road terrain. It began to take its toll on the field and Middaugh seized the opportunity moving into second.
“My swim is pretty dismal and I worked through the field really good, I was a bit worried with the single track, and I didn’t think I’d be able to get through but everyone was great sports letting me through,” said Middaugh.
While Ruzafa ran away with the win in the end, to claim a third world championship gold, Middaugh was elated with his silver and a fading Currie was good enough to hold on for the bronze.
“I’m pretty happy with that I wanted to finish the season with a good race, Ruben was on another level today he’s just amazing on those corners and there was no matching that. Second place I was pretty happy,” said Middaugh.
The Under 23 men’s race went to Brad Matthew-Edwards (RSA) in a time of 2:48:22, silver to Australia’s Max Nuemann 2:48:56 and the bronze to Domenik Wychera (AUT) 2:54:04.
2016 Snowy Mountains ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship

1. Ruben Ruzafa (ESP) 2:34:25
2. Josiah Middaugh (USA) 2:37:43
3. Braden Currie (NZL) 2:38:14
4. Brice Daubord (FRA) 2:40:12
5. Ben Allen (AUS) 2:40:49
6. Rom Akerson (CRC) 2:43:05
7. Sam Osborne (NZL) 2:44:40
8. Oliver Shaw (NZL) 2:44:47
9. Branden Rakita (USA) 2:47:45
10. Brian Smith (USA) 2:47:53

1 Ruben Ruzafa ESP 02:34:25 00:18:48 00:00:37 01:27:55 00:00:46 00:46:17
2 Josiah MiddaughUSA 02:37:43 00:19:41 00:00:42 01:31:42 00:00:47 00:44:50
3 Braden Currie NZL 02:38:14 00:17:44 00:00:39 01:32:33 00:00:50 00:46:27
4 Brice Daubord FRA 02:40:12 00:17:40 00:00:38 01:35:39 00:00:43 00:45:31
5 Ben Allen AUS 02:40:49 00:17:33 00:00:37 01:33:16 00:00:43 00:48:38
6 Rom Akerson CRC 02:43:03 00:18:49 00:00:49 01:32:29 00:00:55 00:49:59
7 Sam Osborne NZL 02:44:40 00:18:16 00:00:27 01:35:00 00:00:44 00:50:11
8 Oliver Shaw NZL 02:44:47 00:19:48 00:00:44 01:35:02 00:00:55 00:48:16
9 Branden Rakita USA 02:47:45 00:18:46 00:01:02 01:37:52 00:00:56 00:49:07
10 Brian Smith USA 02:47:53 00:22:35 00:01:09 01:36:18 00:01:09 00:46:41


Flora Duffy (BER) seals season 2016 with third World Championship title

By Lisa Pringle on 19/11/16 at 9:17 am
It’s been a career best season for Bermuda’s Flora Duffy that just got dialled up another level when she dominated at the 2016 Snowy Mountains ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship in Australia, and winning an historic third world championship title.
Duffy entered the race as the defending champion, reigning ITU World Champion, Xterra World Champion and raging favourite. She led from the gun and increased the margin at every change over to eventually win by four minutes from the pocket rocket Chilean Barbara Riveros in the silver medal position, and Suzanne Snyder (USA) taking bronze.
“It’s really surreal and don’t think I’ve full absorbed it yet, this race was pretty hard and I was so empty on that run course today,” said Duffy.
“It’s cool, it was kind of a crazy idea that formed after the overall win at Cozumel. I thought there’s two more world titles this year maybe I can win them and to do it to, to keep it together for this long under this much pressure and attention to detail and you really have to race at a high level if you want to win, to do all of that is cool,” she added.
Duffy led from the outset and newcomer to off-road racing Charlotte McShane was not far off the pace in second after the swim.
But once Duffy got onto the single-track mountain bike leg she was out of sight and amassed a huge 4minute lead off the bike. With limited time spent on her mountain bike McShane lost ground over the two lap 16.4km loops. With McShane’s lack of bike handling skill she was soon overtaking by the last minute inclusion to the start line for Riveros recovering from a broken foot and with no run training.
That didn’t seem to affect the fleet footed Riveros who easily glided over the tough run trails and onto the podium for a second successive silver medal at the World Championships.
Snyder was consistent all day and slowly worked her way to the front of the field and into her first world championship podium for a bronze medal.
“I didn’t have much time to train I was almost running on fumes and hopefully going off all the training I’d done this year. So I was definitely unsure how this race would go, as it’s the end of a big year.
“I managed to pull it off and hold it together,” said Duffy.
In the Under 23 women’s race Anita Grabmullerova (CZE) claimed the gold medal in 3:34:20 and Anna Pauline-Saberath (GER) grabbed the silver medal in a time of 3:44:50.
2016 Snowy Mountains ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship
1. Flora Duffy (BER) 2:54:11
2. Barabara Riveros (CHI) 2:58:05
3. Suzanne Snyder (USA) 3:05:45
4. Charlotte McShane (AUS) 3:08:13
5. Myriam Guillot-Boisset (FRA) 3:10:39
6. Elizabeth Orchard (NZL) 3:14:41
7. Jacquiline Slack (GBR) 3:14:14
8. Catherine Sterling (USA) 3:15:36
9. Jessica Simpson (AUS) 3:17:25
10. Renata Bucher (SUI) 3:23:26


El malagueño Rubén Ruzafa, campeón mundial de triatlón cross por tercera vez
El malagueño Rubén Ruzafa logró este sábado su tercer título de campeón del mundo de triatlón cross, modalidad que dominó por tercera temporada consecutiva, con su victoria en la prueba disputada en la localidad australiana de Snowy Mountains.
19/11/2016 Agencias
Según informó la Federación Española de Triatlón, Ruzafa "se convirtió en dueño de la competición durante el segundo segmento, culminando una extraordinaria remontada en el sector ciclista, que lo ha aupado a lo más alto del podio".

Acumulaba un minuto y quince segundos de desventaja tras el sector de natación, de 1.5 kilómetros, pero reaccionó en el tramo en bicicleta.

El andaluz progresó en el recorrido ciclista, fijado por la organización en 32.8 kilómetros, hasta conectar con el neozelandés Braden Currie y el australiano Ben Allen. Inconformista, incrementó el ritmo. Así, en la salida de la segunda transición, Rubén Ruzafa ya poseía una renta de 3:30 sobre sus rivales.

El triatleta afincado en Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga) administró su renta y, con un registro de dos horas, 34 minutos y 25 segundos, revalidó el cetro mundialista por delante del estadounidense Josiah Middaugh. Braden Currie fue tercero.

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