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Andalucia Bike race 22-27 febrero ,los cracks

The Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano cracks
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Among the 750 people registered for the fifth edition of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano are well-known athletes and celebrities from different fields.

At 17:00 on Saturday 21st of February there will be an opening ceremony of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano with their attendance. The ceremony, open to public, will take place at the IFEJA auditorium, next to the area designated for registration.

# 1 Centurión Vaude 1
Markus Kaufmann - Jochen Käss
Specialists in stage races and the main contenders to the victory, they won the 2014 edition and were second in 2013. Together or separate, they have won the best races in the world.

# 2 Multivan Merida 1
José Antonio Hermida - Rudi Van Houts
Winners of the 2013 edition, their bodies are adapted to the World Cup intensity. Hermida, XCO world champion in all categories and Olympic silver medallist in Athens 2004, is the race’s insignia.

# 3 Rocks&Co Giant 1
Carlos Coloma - Catriel Soto
The only Spanish UCI Elite team faces the competition with two World Cup specialists. Coloma, Olympic diploma in London 2012, won the final stage in 2013.

# 4 Multivan Merida 2
Thomas Litscher - Ondrej Cink
Two former Under 23 XCO world champions, that were leaders during a large part of the 2013 edition, ending thirds. Youth and talent at World Cup rhythm.

# 5 Stöckli
Mathias Flückiger - Nicola Rohrbach
The former Under 23 XCO world champion, Flückiger, returns for second time after ben delighted with the route and perfect timing to add volume to this training.

# 7 Bulls 2
Tim Böhme - Simon Stiejahn
Stiejahn, former XCM European champion teams-up with Böhme, an expert in marathon stages. Both have achieved great continental and international results. They race for the first time willing to be at the top of the standings.

# 11 Topeak Ergon 1
Alban Lakata - Krisitan Hynek
Lakata, former XCM world champion, won in 2013 and could not race in 2014 due to injury. Hynek, former XCM European champion, was the winner in 2011. Together, they are clear contenders for the overall victory.

# 12 Topeak Ergon 2
Robert Mennen - Jeremiah Bishop
Mennen, winner in 2013, teams-up with the new team member and former USA champion, Bishop. A new pair which for sure be competitive.

# 13 Centurión Vaude 2
Daniel Geismayr - Hermann Pernsteiner
They aoutstand for their results in well-known central-european races and will be an important help for their team mates. Their age and career sets them as the natural replacement for endurance races.

# 14 Primaflor Orbea
Juan Pedro Trujillo - Ismael Ventura
A Spanish team that combines the experience of former XCM Spanish champion, Trujillo, with the energy of Ventura. Trujillo, from Córdoba, has never achieved the result he has been looking for in his home, which is an extra motivation.

# 15 Bulls 1
Karl Platt - Urs Huber
Platt is the master of MTB stage races and debuts in the race with motivation. With Huber, they form a strong team with a long and successful experience in this format of races.

# 19 Extremadura GR100
Pedro Romero - Luis Leao Pinto
Always at the front of the result list, Romero was second in 2014, Pinto in 2011 and also knows what it takes to win a stage. The Spanish-Portuguese couple has demonstrated to be very consistent throughout the race and wants to improve its previous results.

# 23 Buff 1
Joan Llordella - Antonio Ortiz
The former MTB pro, Ortiz, is living a second sport career focused in stage races and faces his fourth participation in top shape, as well as his relentless team mate, Llordella.

# 201 Polar Trek
Tanja Zakelj - Clàudia Galicia
La vencedora de la Copa del Mundo 2013, Zakelj, se empareja con la vencedora de la pasada edición, Galicia, formando uno de los equipos más fuertes.

# 202 Belgian Cycling
Ghita Michiels - Alice Pirard
First time in the race, Michiels, current XCO Belgian champion has seven national titles in different MTB disciplines. Pirard is the current XCM Belgian champion. Together they are a fearsome team.

# 203 Möbel Märki Giant
Irina Kalentieva - Michelle Hediger
Another new team to the race, with former XCO world champion and current runner-up, Kalentieva, that has a brand new team and competes with young Hediger.

# 204 Wheeler
Milena Landtwing - Esther Süss
The favourite team to take the victory is made up by two Swiss; three time winner, Landtwing, and former XCM world champion and current XCM national champion, Süss.

# 205 Tomàs Bellés Cannondale
Anna Villar - Rocío Martín
A team that has several individual Spanish championships. Villar and Andalusian Martín, promise to be a competitive team that will fight for the podium.

# 206 Primaflor Orbea
Sandra Santanyes - Mayalen Noriega
Santanyes, former national champion, who has raced all editions and won in 2014, faces this new edition with a newcomer, Noriega, with a career in road cycling.

# 212 Freakshow Defeet by Coolmax
Sonya Looney - Kate Aardal
Looney is known for her endurance racing around the world and it’s her first participation. Aardal has raced twice and this will be her first time in the elite women’s category.

#701 Thule Adventure
Martin Flinta - Helena Erbenova
Swedish Flinta is the an adventure racing world champion. Her tam mate, Czech Erbenova , has been an ITU Cross Triathlon world champion. Two well-known names in their sports and the team to beat in the mixed category.

Joan Llaneras
The famous Spanish track cyclist has seven world tittles and four Olympic medals. He returns to competition in this race and in an unusual discipline for him, which means a new challenge for his sport career.

Luis Pasamontes
Spanish former road professional cyclist who has raced the grand tours, continues active while starting his second professional career as mentor of professional athletes.

Josef Ajram
The famous stock market expert returns to the race again as a representative of the Spanish Olive Oil team, and will do it on a Fatbike.

Samuel Trives

Former Spanish national team handball player, he continues to be closely linked to professional sport through his job. He will race as a representative of the Summae Foundation, that will offer the service of washing the bicycles of all the riders.

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