martes, marzo 17, 2015

Un padre asiste virtualmente al parto de su 3er hijo a 4000 km de distancia


Father attends birth of his son… 2,500 miles away
Richard Hartley-Parkinson for 17 Mar 2015 5:37 pm

Jason and Alison Larke were 2,500 miles apart when their third child Steele was born.

Despite the distance, and thanks to revolutionary technology, they managed to experience their son’s birth together.

Jason watched his son’s birth from a tiny mining town in Queensland, Australia, on a headset connected with a camera that offered a 360 degree view of the room in Perth, western Australia.

As he moved his head during labour, the camera moves in the same direction – the world’s first virtual reality birth.

He summed it up by saying: ‘Nothing better than seeing your baby for the first time.’

The incredible feat was made possible thanks to Samsung.

The company’s chief marketing officer Arno Lenior said: ‘Being a father myself I know how incredible the birth of a child is.

‘Alison and Jason’s story is familiar to millions of Australians and the reality of being away from family and friends is a heart-wrenching experience that most of us understand.

‘But through the power of the Gear VR technology we could help Jason welcome his third son into the world in an exciting, unique way. This is what technology is all about: enabling human experiences.’

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