miércoles, junio 09, 2010

free jump

BoomRushThrill — 09 de junio de 2010 — Bluenery Productions presents - FREE FALL: Guillaume Nery had fun making base jumping within the water, Deans Blue Hole (Long Island Bahamas). This blue hole is the deepest in the world with 202 meters. Music: Archive - You Make Me Feel
Kindly note: Guillaume Nery holds the Apnoe World Record. Check his breathing ^^
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Le recordman du monde d'apnée, Guillaume Nery s'est amusé à faire du Base Jumping sous l'eau, au dessus du Trou Bleu de Dean (Bahamas). Ce trou bleu est le plus profond du monde avec 202 mètres de profondeur. Musique : Archive - You make me feel

I love that vid!

freedivingchamp — 09 de noviembre de 2006 — Free Diver Guillaume Nery reaches -109 meters below the sea to reclaim the World Record in the Constant Weight category.

109 meters, one breath, human powered!

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