martes, junio 28, 2011


DETEC is a company whose goal to is to meet and exceed the market demands for carbon wheels. We specialized in clinchers, but have never failed to expertise in tubular as well. We are a design company, that is always testing, designing and keeping up on the recent trends and also designing and reinventing old products. We have spent hours designing wheels from the hub outward, so we stand by our product strength and quality. Purchasing DETEC wheels is a solid investment that will keep your bike rolling for years to come.

With All the Wheel Choices Today, Why Choose DETEC?

All DETEC wheel systems incorporate several patented design technologies not found in other wheel brands. We have found a unique way to manufacture a rim that has a hoop which has integrated it into the carbon rim itself. This advantage allows Detec rims to be stronger. DETEC continues to develop the most innovative wheel designs and is committed to delivering the lightest, fastest wheels.

DETEC has spent hours rethinking the wheel and have developed some amazing different rims. From our unique hybrid rims to our welded alloy/carbon rims, we have not neglected any details in the design and production of such products. To improve the quality of clinchers, DETEC has created a lighter alloy blend hoop which is integrated into the carbon rim itself. The main advantage of this technology is the higher strength of the wheel, allowing higher pressures more than 130PSI. According to this, carbon clincher rim will not expand too much because of braking heat. This often occurs with carbon rims, resulting in breakage of the clincher wall.

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