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Bici ducha portàtil

bici ducha portàtil que pasea por alemania Hansa

HANSAVIVA , hand shower

Three jet options for maximum comfort – water-saving function permits shower pleasure without a guilty conscience

The new HANSAVIVA shows just what a modern quality hand shower can do: with its trio of jet modes and generously-sized shower head, it guarantees the perfect shower experience to suit every taste. The series’ sophisticated, ergonomic design and, last but not least, the ultra-economical water consumption of 12 litres make the HANSAVIVA a real plus for every bathroom.

The perfect fit

It may sound obvious, but a hand shower which fits snugly in the hand – like the new HANSAVIVA from Stuttgart-based brand manufacturer Hansa, with its ergonomic, balanced design - is essential for showering comfort.

Three jet options (VARIJET)

Water exits the new shower head from one, two or three jet rings, depending on the setting. You can choose to relax under the smooth, voluminous needle spray (all three jet rings), enjoy the tingling, active needle spray (two jet rings) or recharge your batteries under the powerful massage jet (inner ring).

The shower head’s VARIJET principle varies the water jet via the number of nozzles used only, and is not equipped with different jet outlets. The shower head base is characterised by homogeneous, simple and elegant aesthetics and is particularly easy to clean.

The maximum number of outlet openings is available when the shower head is in needle jet mode. The HANSAVIVA has no so-called “dry spots” as a result of unused jet outlets. The wings on the shower head base, used for jet mode changes, are easy to operate and click precisely into place.


The integrated flow limiter means that the HANSAVIVA uses a maximum of 12 litres per minute, or 50 per cent less water than conventional showers. The HANSAVIVA permits unlimited showering pleasure while saving resources – with the result that maximum savings are made automatically, without compromising comfort.

Easy to clean thanks to soft jet nobs

Not only does the homogeneous surface of the hand shower base make it particularly easy to clean - the 2K material also makes a decisive contribution. The softer jet nobs are embedded in the firm jet base, with the result that dirt can simply be wiped away.

Quality down to the last detail

The heat-decoupled housing is another factor which makes the HANSAVIVA a quality product with an attractive price-performance ratio: the THERMO COOL function prevents the shower handle from overheating, as the water is directed through a separate channel within the handle. Another handy feature is the so-called “twist guard”, which is integrated in the hose.

Refreshing as a rain shower: the XL version

In addition to the standard shower head, which measures 100 mm in diameter, the new hand shower is also available as a convenient rain shower head with a diameter of 130 mm – an absolute must for all fans of generous rain showers in their own bathrooms. This effect can be increased by the additional installation of a head shower: the water flows from the flat, sophisticated full-metal housing, available in diameters of 200 or 300 mm, like warm, gentle summer rain.

Customers can choose between 1- and 3-jet models (VARIJET) when purchasing the 100 mm version. The large 130 mm shower head is available with 3 jets. HANSA also offers the new hand shower as a complete set with wall bar, hose and a premium-quality, chrome-plated soap dish. A shower set including a sliding wall bar is also available.



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