jueves, agosto 23, 2012

Sylvan sport remolque de aventura, camping trailer

This is the most unique camping trailer and travel camper you'll ever find. The GO was designed from the frame out to be a one-of-a-kind mobile adventure trailer that's as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. It's lightweight, small and easy to manage in the parking lot, garage or on the road. Ultra-light and weighing in at just 840 lbs, the GO can be pulled by even the smallest of cars. GO can carry a wide range of camping gear including up to a dozen bikes, kayaks, dirt bikes, motorcycles, atvs, rock climbing gear, or any combination thereof. GO is much more than a pop up camper, it is an American made, gear-hauling, hyper-engineered, fully tig-welded piece of Mobile Adventure Gear. The Go fits perfectly with the Subaru Outback but can also be towed by smaller cars such as the Toyota Prius, Mini Cooper, or other cars that typically cannot tow a trailer.

SylvanSport 'GO' (Mobile Adventure Gear)




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