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First Look: Specialized Enduro 650b S-Works 27.5 bike / Shimano CM-1000 POV sport camera


First Look: Specialized Enduro 650b S-Works 27.5 bike

For 2015 Specialized is making their flagship Enduro bike available in the 27.5 wheel size. And unlike their Stumpjumper 27.5 effort, this seems to be a more serious entry in this very competitive arena.Specialized Enduro S-Works with Cane Creek DB Inline

The Cane Creek DB Inline feels right at home with the Enduro allowing room for a full sized water bottle and SWAT bottle/tool cage.They still haven’t fully embraced the whole 27.5 movement though as they still insist on calling it 650b. That battle has been won and the industry is clearly calling the middle wheel size 27.5 since it is a thousand times clearer and more consistent for the whole bike industry. So for the purposes of this story, we’ll just call their bike the Enduro 27.5 sized wheel.

Specialized Enduro S-Works with Symmetrical Dropper Post Lever

The Enduro only comes in 1×11 drivetrain so Specialized optimized the controls by making a dropper post lever that looks and feels like the shifter lever of SRAM.The Specialized crew is definitely warming up to 27.5, starting with the sales team who is losing the battle on the showroom floor as some buyers clearly prefer 27.5 for their new all mountain steed. But the Specialized starting to participate in the category as they’ve evolved from: “We want nothing to do with it.” to “Ok, it is the 26er replacement.”

But this is a serious bike and worthy of consideration and much more attention. The key is the buyer now has options and the rider looking for a high travel bike can now choose between an Enduro 29er or 27.5. The colors will be the same as well as the spec. Many of the qualities like bar height and controls, will be made consistent across the two wheel sizes whenever possible.

Specialized Enduro S-Works with Avid Guide Brake Levers

Worth noting is the 27.5 bike is now available in size Small when it was never available on the Enduro 29er. Conversely, the XL size will only be available on the 29er and not the 27.5. So there is a suggestion that the 27.5 is for shorter folks and the 29er is for taller ones. This is a notion that we wholeheartedly agree with.

Specialized Enduro S-Works with Specialized Chain Guide

Some specifics on the new bike are that it will have a new rear triangle, but makes use of the existing 26-inch front triangle mold. Specialized says they were able to achieve the geometry they were after using this configuration without compromise, and the geometry numbers are correct without the need for any external spacers. With 165mm of rear travel mated to 160mm in the front, a 65.5-degree headtube angle, 422mm chainstays, and 352mm/13.85 inch bottom bracket height, the new bike is ready to take on all comers. Now 13.85 inches may seem high, but consider that this has 165mm of rear travel and when properly sagged, the BB height will be much lower.

Specialized Enduro S-Works weight is 27.4 lbs with Spank Spike pedals. The pedals weigh .9 lbs so weight without pedals is 26.5 lbs.The great news is, we’ve had this bike for a weekend now and took it to the fabled Soquel Demo Forest of Santa Cruz. It railed the corners and soared the jumps right out of the box. This bike felt absolutely dialed and we will be updating this story as we continue to ride this bike.

Wheels felt absolutely stiff and the bike bike was easy to rail and throw around. Mind you, it is a big bike. But it is playful bike on the ground and in the air. The Cane Creek DB Inline is a delight as it is quiet and controlled. We haven’t even started to play with with damping adjustment knobs and we’re already floored. The fact that there’s room for a full-sized water bottle and is lighter than a Double Barrel makes us love this rear shock even more.BB Height at 13.8 inches, head angle at 65.5 and seat angle at 74 all check out well and feel right on the trail. We only hope that we can put as much time as possible on this steed in the coming month.


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First Look: Shimano CM-1000 POV sport camera

Update: July 14, 2014

We just received our Shimano test camera and it’s surprisingly small. We could never really get a good feel for its size until we saw it in person. We thought it was about the same size as the Garmin Virb but in reality, it’s about half the size. So thumbs up for that. And of course the quality of this device seems top notch as the materials and the buttons have a refined feel to them.

Shimano Action Camera with Mini Cooper keys for scale

Stay tuned as we start comparing this device to the latest POV cameras available today.

Shimano camera with K-Edge mounts

They sent us a bunch of GoPro compatible K-Edge mounts as well so we’re intrigued that it’s using the same mount interface.

Shimano Introduces Compact Multisport Camera

Shimano‘s CM-1000 POV Camera is a significant announcement to cyclists. This POV market is exploding in popularity but sales are dominated by a single player, GoPro. This company has the lion’s share of this market and it seems there’s very little competition and consumers have little choice when it comes to price and quality.

Now it’s not for the lack of trying as companies have popped in and out of the market. The latest crop of players are compared here in the Mtbr POV Camera Shootout. And the market got a recent entry in the Garmin Virb, from the popular GPS company.

Shimano CM-1000 Screen Grab – Trail Follow Shot

This Shimano introduction is significant because of two things: Shimano quality and Shimano due diligence. First when it comes to quality, there is no mistaking what Shimano brings to the table. Their shifters, pedals, cranks are true engineering and manufacturing marvels. Often we take them for granted and it’s only when other companies fail miserably in these categories that we realize how good the Shimano products are. Second, Shimano is not the fastest to market in a new category but when they create a new product, they do their homework. With a lot at stake here we expect the good things from Shimano.

Looking at the this new camera, the top-line numbers are $299 and weighs in at 86 grams and it’s waterproof to 10 meters straight out of the box with no case needed. Compared to the GoPro at at 176 grams (with case), this is pretty light and compact. The Garmin Virb is bigger and heavier at 180 grams btw. The CM-1000 does HD video (not 4k) with a battery that lasts 2 hours per charge.

The real upside of the Shimano seems to be low light sensitivity at F2.0 compared to the Gopro’s at F2.7. And the image quality of the Shimano CM-1000 seems stunning as well.

In and out of a dark tunnel

May 2014 is the release date for this camera.

Official Press Release

Osaka, Japan (February 4, 2014) – Expanding the options for consumers to connect with Shimano for experiences in sports, the leading cycling, fishing and rowing product manufacturer today introduced the CM-1000 Sport Camera. Continuing Shimano’s legacy of innovation and quality, the CM-1000 enters the compact sport camera category with a lightweight and compact high-definition video camera with advanced connectivety options. The CM-1000 marks the company’s first product introduction from its Lifestyle Gear Division targeting both fishing and cycling consumers, providing them opportunities to enjoy capturing their various sporting experiences as incredibly high quality photos and HD videos.

Years of research and design went into Shimano’s CM-1000, ultimately creating a compact sport camera that excels in critical camera functions, appeals to consumers exploring terrestrial and aquatic sports, and also integrates with existing Shimano electronics in its fishing and cycling products. Key features and highlights of the CM-1000 include:

Powerful, brilliant image-capturing camera – The lens and image sensor technologies in the CM-1000 combine to enable brilliant HD movies and high quality images in all conditions. Its F2.0 bright lens boasts incredible low-light performance while its 16MP back illuminated CMOS image sensor enables stunning 1080p HD video. The camera offers dual, standard angle 135° and super wide 180° modes, while a 90° increment auto image rotation allows users to flip the camera in multiple directions and maintain a horizontal image plane.
Light, compact form factor – At 86 grams including the battery and lens cover and with dimensions of 44x70x30mm, its pocket size, streamlined design is smaller than a standard deck of cards.
Exceptional waterproof rating – Out of the box and without the need for an external case, CM-1000 is waterproof up to 10 meters. This depth meets the IPX-8 Waterproof Standard – the best rating for electronics experiencing continuous underwater use.
Advanced connectivity and intelligent integration – The CM-1000 utilizes WiFi connectivity and custom iOS and Android apps for mobile devices to allow live views, video playback, remote adjustments to camera settings and shot framing. Unique to the CM-1000, the device also uses ANT+ and ANT private wireless connections to transmit data from bicycle computers and accessories and the new Shimano D-Fly wireless Di2 transmitter to show performance cycling data in its captured videos.
Versatile, user-friendly design

Using the CM-1000 is simple and worry-free, thanks to the unit’s design, waterproof capabilities, and connectivity and integration options with popular consumer electronics. The two-button design allows quick control or key functions while dual LED lights and audible cues identify settings. Its waterproof rating makes the CM-1000 a great option on the deck of a boat, for casual swimming, and enables it to be hosed off with other gear after a day’s adventure. The auto-image rotation function means that it will maintain a horizontal shot despite its physical rotation. Connectivity and integration options with mobile devices and cycle computers simplify setup and playback while the ANT/ANT+ data allows cyclists to monitor videos and use the performance data – including heart rate, gear indication and cadence for example – as a training tool to improve their riding.

Accessories, supporting software and availability

The CM-1000 Sport Camera comes standard with the camera and lens cover, an adhesive mount and vented helmet mount, a USB cable and start up manual. The CM-1000 Sport Camera utilizes an iOS 6.0 and Android 4.2 app for use as a remote controller, angle monitor, a tool to change settings and video preview. Software for Windows 7 and Mac OS enables more comprehensive video editing, fish-eye view compensation, the display and integration of video and ANT+/ANT information to videos.

Additional accessories for the CM-1000 include the following mounts that all offer tool-free installation and adjustment: CM-MT01 Handlebar mount; CM-MT02 Flexible mount; CMMT03 Chest mount; and the CM-MT04 Cap mount.

The CM-1000 will be available in May 2014 for $299.00.

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