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Scott Plasma 5 nueva e integrada


Introducing the Scott Plasma 5 new

Written by: Herbert Krabel Added: Mon Jul 14 2014

Scott Sports introduced a Plasma 5 and a Plasma 4 at the UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland today and here is a closer look at the higher-end Plasma 5. We had shown pictures of Sebastian Kienle's geometrically camouflaged race bike at Challenge Kraichgau but were not sure then how much of a prototype it was. He soon after won the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany on it, and he told us that he loves the system integration, but mostly he loves the handling of this bike with the stiffer numbers. The Plasma 4 and 5 will be available in 4 sizes later this year. You can take the nose cone storage unit off, and actually need to if you want to race UCI events on it. According to Scott, with the nose cone it is 7% faster than the Plasma 3, and without it about 5%.

This is the Scott Plasma 5 Team issue outside the UCI headquarters.

Up close and personal with the integrated front end of the Scott Plasma 5 Tri. Scott worked with Profile Design on the cockpit and the storage solutions.

The fork now integrates a narrow front brake that Scott co-developed with TRP.

Looking just at the down tube it is not so clear that this is a new bike.

The toptube would also accept a bottle cage instead of this storage unit. A rubber base prevents the top tube from being scratched.

The view from above shoes the water fill spot and where you can store gels etc. The top tube storage unit can also be divided inside, that is something Kienle suggested.

Another angle of the Scott Plasma 5 Team Issue.

The reshaped rear end of the Scott Plasma 5.

The brake that is hidden below the chain stays is a Shimano direct mount.

You can see the very bottom of the front brake here.

This is what the front brake looks like with the cover and the nutrition nose cone removed.

The seat post still features the very popular Ritchey 1-Bolt design. Saddles are from Scott's house brand Syncros.

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