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Alicante a Nado
01 de marzo. Encuentro Alicante a Nado “Playa de la Almadraba”.
10 de mayo. Encuentro Alicante a Nado “Playa de San Juan”.
26 de julio. Encuentro Alicante a Nado “86º Vuelta a la Escollera de Alicante”. 4.000 metros.
20 de diciembre. Encuentro Alicante a Nado “23º Travesía de Navidad “Playa del Postiguet”. 1.500 metros.
Los encuentros “Playa de la Almadraba” y “Playa de San Juan” se celebran sobre un circuito de 700 metros aproximadamente, con salida y meta en arena y con el sistema de competición de eliminatorias y finales. Como novedad: podrás disfrutar de pruebas de relevo sobre una distancia aproximada de 600 metros. Puedes seguir este circuito a través de su página de facebook Alicante a Nado, en la que podrás encontrar toda la información necesaria.

Incredible Living Sculptures at Atlanta Botanical Gardens
If you are in Atlanta between now and October 31, take some time out to explore the largest living plant sculpture exhibition every displayed in the United States!

topiary sculpture in Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Imaginary Worlds, a New Kingdom of Plant Giants. is a landscape art installation of 28 living sculptures scattered throughout the garden.

Created in Canada by International Mosaiculture of Montreal, you’ll find four frolicking frogs, three playful gorillas,

and a pair of adorable orangutans.

They join a grazing unicorn, a friendly ogre, gigantic cobras, and beautiful butterflies.

The largest sculpture of them all is the 25-foot-tall Earth Goddess which, has become a permanent part in the Garden’s collection.
She, alone, is made up of 18,000 annuals.
“Each sculpture is a living, sophisticated evolution of the traditional ‘stuffed topiary technique,” states the Garden.topiary horse at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
“Thousands of meticulously groomed annuals are planted into soil-and-sphagnum moss filled netting covering the steel forms – hidden works of artisanship themselves – to carpet the skeletons in colorful patterns.

Complex irrigation systems beneath the surface of the sculptures allow the plants to grow – and the creatures to flourish – in Atlanta’s summer heat.”

Last summer, at the same garden, was International Mosaiculture of Montreal’s first installation. This year’s exhibition features nearly 200,0000 plants.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens website
Photos [Atlanta Botanical Gardens, JR P, Wanderlust Atlanta, Hyosub Shin]

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