martes, enero 27, 2015

Ridersmate por si te caes/RideOn gafas realidad aumentada para esquiadores / warka water agua por condensaciòn



Ridersmate calls for help if you wipe out in the wilderness
The Ridersmate unit is clipped onto yourself using an included carabiner, while a curly cord attached to the other end of the device is clipped onto your bike/horse (or what Coleman refers to as your "ride"). Should you suddenly part company with that ride, the cord will pull loose from its plug in the Ridersmate, activating it to send a text message via GPRS (general packet radio service).


RideOn ski goggles bring augmented reality to the slopes
you can claim your own pair of goggles with a pledge of $499 or more in Indiegogo


Warka Water promises to harness safe drinking water from the air
developing an off-grid bamboo tower called Warka Water that promises just that: the firm says it could collect an annual average of up to 100 liters (26.4 US gallons) of water per day.


How to make a Plastic bottle Solar distiller

This is Plastic bottle & Aluminum Can Solar distiller.
But other heat sources are also available.
Materials : Plastic bottle(Bigger is better), Aluminum Can(Black color)

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