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achillex evalua zapatillas deportivas de diferentes fabricantes y selecciona la que mejor se adapta a su estilo de correr.Se coloca en el tobillo y se recibe y procesa en un chaleco ...

Achillex evaluates shoes from different manufacturers and finds the one which optimally supports your own running style. The dynamic measuring technique guarantees, that the complex coordination between shoe and runner’s foot are captured in unadulterated conditions and assessed automatically. The output: A scientifically founded running style analysis and the fitting shoe recommendation.
Achillex, a fully automated biomechanical lab
Achillex captures the individual motion via several miniscule sensors 400 times per second. During the lift-off motion Achillex measures the rotation of the heel cap, and the force with which the foot pushes off at this lightning speed. No detail escapes. Compare this to popular video analyses which usually produce 30 pictures per second. “That may cause you to miss crucial details.” says the biomechanics expert from Cologne. Another significant advantage: You wear Achilles on your body and jog as you would off- track. This is important as most people run differently on a treadmill than they do on solid ground.
Achilex’ electronics are embedded in clothing. This ensures that these high precision sensors are located at the accurate location on your body. The sensor wrap is strapped around the leg.
The captured data is transmitted to the vest with its integrated microcomputer, graphics display, electronic chip reader and voice output. “Thank you, your run was successful”, says the vest, when the required number of steps is reached. The whole process happens incredibly fast, it only takes 2 minutes to complete the measuring. And, Achillex is so user friendly, that it instantly transforms any sales associate into an expert running shoe consultant.
Unique – worldwide: The shoe check-up
Achillex is the first system ever to detect wear related weakening of the material. The original data of the shoe is stored on an electronic chip as a benchmark for periodic service check-ups. The check-up ensures that any changes and wear symptoms are detected for timely and appropriate action and replacement.
Quality makes the break-through
Dieter Lang, running expert of the LEX group has tested the system through and through: „It takes little effort and the feedback from customers is very appreciative, especially when they see the comparison of old and new shoes.“
Sport Sperk has given Achillex a test run in 4 outlets over several months. The success was so clear, that they are now installing Achillex in all their 11 outlets.
Reebok arranged over 300 special in store events and will now permanently install Achillex at their 30 most innovative retailers as part of their “rbk” branding.



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