domingo, septiembre 20, 2009

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Go commando with Night Vision Goggles.

Using infra red, these night vision goggles allow you to see up to fifteen meters in absolute darkness and even at full power, the light emitted is barely visible to the naked eye. Perfect for playing hide and seek in the garden, or watching owls and bats of an evening. And yes, you do get to pretend your stalking the bad guy (although I believe it is a prerequisite to hum the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme tune as you do).

Congrats again to Gaj-It.


iTwin allows for easy file-sharing
September 18th, 2009 by Mark R in USB Gadgets

itwin-20090915-501What you see in the picture here is the iTwin. It isn’t a thumb drive with two USB connections, but a way of transferring your files from one computer to another.

Sure, you could just set up a mainframe network, send a file as an attachment, or just put the file you want on a thumb drive and plug it into another computer. Yes, there are a lot of ways to do file transfers from one computer to the other, but iTwin makes the process a lot easier.

Here’s what you do. The iTwin comes apart into two equal parts. You stick one USB thumb into one part, then the other thumb into another computer. From there, you can drag and drop files from one computer, and it will automatically appear on the other computer.

Yes, the iTwins are connected wirelessly via the Internet, just like the bond between two twins. At least the ones that are psychic.
price about 99 us $ , next in your commerce


Complete Swiss Army Knife

If you’re in the market for a multifunction tool that just can’t be beat, take a glance at this here beauty that is so feature-packed - it holds a Guinness World Record. Called the Only Complete Swiss Army Knife, it features 87 precision-engineered tools which span 112 different functions - so you’ll be sure to have the right tool to tackle just about any job.

Crafted to exacting standards by Wenger - the king of army knives, this is not a tool just slapped together in some factory someplace. You’re looking at a hand-assembled masterpiece made of all stainless steel parts, put together by just two hard working cutlery specialist souls in Switzerland.

The Only Complete Swiss Army Knife includes seven blades, three types of pliers, three golf tools, 25 Phillips and Flat headed screwdrivers, plus saws, wrenches, a signal whistle, combination fish scaler, hook disgorger, line gauge tool, chain rivet setter, shotgun choke tube tool, cigar-cutting scissors, tire-tread gauge, tweezers, toothpick and for a modern twist, a laser pointer.

This man-sized Swiss Army Knife is available now over at Hammacher Schlemmer for $1,400, but be warned - there’s nothing here that’ll fix your mates’ inevitable tool envy.

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