viernes, diciembre 16, 2011


With "MADE OF SPORT", ASICS are launching a new European TV, Print and Digital Brand Campaign based on the idea of True Sport.

Kiharchiro Onitsuka, the Founder of ASICS had a simple philosophy -- that sport could help make the world a better place because it trained both a person's mind, as well as their body. He knew that one of the best ways to educate the younger generations intellectually, morally and physically was through sport. To Mr.Onitsuka, this was True Sport.

Since the days when Mr. Onitsuka developed this belief athletics have become more competitive and commercialised, but True Sport remains a transformational force for athletes at all levels. In fact, it's "True Sport" that elite and everyday athletes have in common. While they perform at different levels, distances, and times, what they share is a realisation of Sound Mind, Sound Body and an authentic belief in True Sport principals.

The campaign celebrates the True Sport athlete's journey to personal victory. It celebrates the early mornings and the late nights his commitment requires, above and beyond his daily responsibilities.
The campaign rewards the athlete for his ambition to set his goal and his dedication to achieve it. It honors these athletes who respect one another and cherish the challenges, demands, passion and dedication that keep them pushing for rewards more noble and valuable than fame and wealth.

ASICS are reclaiming the idea of True Sport amplify its noble meaning and message, and attribute it to the rightful everyday athlete who demonstrates the dedications, sacrifice, and commitment to its cause. The campaign seeks the audience to ask themselves if they too are made of the dedication, commitment, passion and teamwork that a True Sports athletes exhibits, asking the audience 'ARE YOU MADE OF SPORT?'.

MotionLabHD is a special DVD that you watch while you are on your treadmill, exercise bicycle, or rowing machine. But this is an oversimplification.

MotionLabHD represents a profound scientific breakthrough in mental, physical and technical conditioning, using rich inspirational media and sophisticated autogenic training techniques.

Embodying qualities nature, athleticism, and artistry.

Coaches know that students learn skills best from being mentored by experts; by following athletes and imprinting perfect movement over time. MotionLabHD is a rapid means to improve technique in a given sport.

Choose from a wide selection of workouts, spectacular locations and sport modes:

•Run the West Coast trail in the Pacific Rim National park, through old growth forest;
•Trek along the sea cliffs of Gross Morne park in Newfoundland;
•Try snow-shoeing and Nordic skiing in the Laurentains;
•Attend a group trail run in Gatineau hills or a solo run in the leaves during fall colours;
•Experience a marathon with 10,000 runners;
•Mountain-bike the national-championship race-course with competitors;
•Kayak lakes and rivers;
•Pre-visualize in an Olympic cross country ski race;
•Ride through the countryside on your bicycle;
•Hike to the top of a volcano;
•Traverse a Rocky Mountain glacial pass;
•Stroll the boardwalks over paradise meadows, or
•Traverse an endless beach at sunset.

Filmed in high-definition in first and third person perspectives using trademark steadicam techniques, and Recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, for a controlled positive virtual reality experience more life-like than you could have imagined it..

The experience will leave you breathless.

It is what Astronauts are using now on the International space station, as a vital physical and mental countermeasure for long-term missions, and Olympic athletes choose to fine-tune their conditioning in human kinetic labs.

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