domingo, julio 15, 2012

lacondeguy &barel in Spain

Fabien Barel Presents #3: Finding Flow With Andreu

"Pick up the flow" starring Andreu Lacondeguy - Fabien Barel presents Episode 3 on Pinkbike

Everybody knows that Andreu Lacondeguy is a legend on the dirt jumps. But what makes a guy like this wake up every morning and want to ride? It turns out, there's no secret. Lacondeguy is driven by the same forces that drive every mountain biker: curiosity, adventure, and the pursuit of flow.

Fab is back with the 3rd in his video series. Now, he's in Spain with Andreu Lacondeguy, and it's remarkable what they experience. Andreu is a natural on the bike and a serious competitor. But he's driven by the same force that guides all mountain bikers: the pursuit of flow. First, the guys venture to the desert looking for new lines. What they find on the moon-like landscape is not only new lines, but new levels of fluidity. It's the same when they hit the dirt jumps. It's not all about how big and how trick, but also about how smooth and how liquid. Fab and Andreu find a close connection in this common thread of the MTB life.

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