lunes, junio 25, 2018

1 de julio la Uci autoriza los frenos de disco para competiciones de carretera



UCI finally approves disc brakes for road racing

Do disc brakes belong in the peloton?

The UCI confirmed in a press release yesterday that disc brakes will be authorised for use in road (and BMX) racing as of July 1st, after years of fits and starts that saw them approved on a trial basistemporarily re-banned, and then approved once again.

The release, which covers the UCI’s Agenda 2022 — a four year strategic road map for the organisation — reads: “Following nearly three years of tests, and in agreement with various stakeholders — teams, riders, mechanics, fans, commissaires, and the bicycle industry via the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFGSGI) — the decision has been taken to authorise disc brakes for road and BMX Racing, as of 1st July this year. Point 1.3.025 of the UCI Regulations will be amended to this effect, to allow the use of disc brakes during training and competitions for road and BMX Racing, as is already the case for cyclo-cross
mountain bike, trials and mass participation events.”
Despite hiccups along the way including a temporary ban on discs following a rider injury at Paris-Roubaix in 2016,
 this decision feels all but inevitable as discs’ gradual takeover continues.
with the rules updated to include a requirement that disc rotors be manufactured with chamfered edges rather than a sharp 90-degree design.

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