sábado, junio 23, 2012

magia potagia,Kumi Yamashita

A white board, some nails and a single unbroken black thread by Kumi Yamashita

Citroën C4-Spot Monstruos. Faros bi-Xenón autodireccionables

"La oscuridad ya no tiene misterios". El nuevo spot de Citroën C4, con faros bi-xenón autodireccionables.

Takeshi Kitano profiles Kumi Yamashita in an "Unbelievable" TV special about Visual Artists. Aired 3/21/08

Art Created From Shadows - Out of Light & Dark comes Beauty

3 examples of Shadow art, the first is Kinetic Sculptures in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the second is Chinese Shadow Art show and the third is a compilation of shadow sculpture....this is amazing...out of a pile of junk items it creates a work of art in the shadow it forms

http://yamashitakumi.com http://artstormer.com/2011/03/10/good-lighting-shadow-art-by-kumi-yamashita/

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