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Techo para bici

Techo para tu Bicicleta

El VELTOP es un techo portable que promete proteger a los ciclistas de los días de lluvia y de las inclemencias del tiempo.Posee un parabrisas unido a una campana impermeable que sirve de techo, la cual se apoya sobre el marco de la bicicleta con ayuda de dos arcos y una protección lateral adicional, que puede ser desplegada cuando sea necesario.Este sistema puede ser adaptado a cualquier tipo de bicicleta, y se puede instalar o quitar en apenas 2 minutos.



What about if there is wind ? Good question, but a sort of wrong problem. In case of front wind, the resistance is the same to that of a human body because of the presence of the windscreen which has an equivalent width and a convex shape as well as a variable gradient. At 20 km/h (12 miles/hour) there is no difference with a VELTOP. Up to 30 km/h (18 Miles/hour) the wind resistance remains inconsiderable. On urban rides such speed is rarely possible. Side winds meet no resistance when the side protections are rolled up, the hood itself has no negative influence on the rider’s stability. In case of rain or cold, a wind, which is blowing sideways, can be perceived by the rider if the side protections are pulled down but cannot be considered as dangerous. Nevertheless we recommend not to pull them down in strong wind or storm. In extreme bad weather conditions we recommend to ride without the hood.

Side protections when rain ?

The top of the body remains dry, except the forearms which are more or less exposed. The lower part of the body and the legs are protected up to 80% due to the windscreen and the bars on each side which increase the covering volume. Only the feet are not totally protected. It depends often on the quality of the mudguards. The global protection system is considered as very satisfactory by the users and superior to their wait.

Is it necessary to have windscreen wipers ?

Raindrops do not hinder the visibility of the rider because of the low speed. Scooters have seldom wipers even though they go faster. If wanted a solution can be applied to quicken the drop’s gliding but it is not really necessary. Riding a bicycle in the rain is a new sensation and a surprising comfort.

Can the system be adapted to all bicycles ?

95 % of all bicycles are suitable to receive the VELTOP, thanks to universal fixations for the handlbar and the saddleshaft. Some of the bicycles with electric assistance need adaptations or complementary manipulations to fix the VELTOP. (ex. The battery take off) Consult us before the installation of a VELTOP about restrictions if you have a special bicycle model.

Required time to assemble and to dismantle ?

Once the windscreen is fixed on the handlebar the installing of the hood and the side protections need no more than 2 minutes (see video) after some handlings, idem for the dismantling.

The handlebar does it remain easy to handle with the arches ?

Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the arches specifique diameter adapting to the mouvements of the handlebar, the VELTOP system is adaptable to most of the bicycles. It is easily operated due to the combination of rigidity and flexibility.

Is the assembly of a veltop is compatible with a child seat on the bicyles ?

Most types of the child seats for bicycles are compatible with a VELTOP to be fixed. In some cases it is possible to fix the plastic part from the seat post towards the back of the rack with the help of an adaptation in order to protect the child as well. In any case we ask you to send us previously some photos of your bicycle with the seat to assure the combination of VELTOP + child seat.

Prices range from US$363.75 for the Veltop Classic (for conventional bikes) to $462.30 for the Veltop Recumbent ... those prices don't include the rain pants and waterproof footwear you would still need to wear. The Veltop can be ordered from the company website.


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