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Red Bull Rampage lacondeguy gana!!!!!!


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28 September 2014, Virgin, Utah, USA

When Graham Agassiz and Andreu Lacondeguy began building a lip-heavy line at Red Bull Rampage with heavy drops on each end, the rest of the field wondered how they would pull it off. Yesterday, they answered part of the question by sending a gigantic step-down, and they did it by pushing each other out of their comfort zones — watch it happen in the video above. “Aggy is crazy!” says Lacondeguy about the Kamloops freerider after he sailed his bike 76 feet off the drop. High praise from a man who is world-renowned for going absolutely massive.Sporadic wind and pre-game nerves played a big part in holding back the two marquee riders from hitting the drop, which leads into another step-down and then to the Polaris RZR Moto Booter. While Lacondeguy is pre-qualified for finals on Sunday, Agassiz — who qualified in first place in 2013 but finished outside of the top ten in the final — is required to ride in 2014 qualifiers today. With uncharacteristic reserve, Lacondeguy took at least a dozen dry runs at the drop before committing, landing more or less where Agassiz did. For today’s qualifier, he’ll cheer Aggy on from the sidelines.Cheer on from your own digital sidelines during the webcast of finals on Sunday, September 28, starting at 1:00 p.m. MT on the official Red Bull Rampage site.You can also watch the finals on Red Bull TV through its iOS and Android applications, as well as on Apple TV, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Samsung Smart TVs.Join the #Rampage conversation — follow Red Bull SLC on Instagram and Red Bull Bike on Twitter and Facebook . The great equalizer of all mountain bike events, Red Bull Rampage draws slopestyle riders, downhill racers and natural-terrain freeriders together in one big-mountain test of all-around bike skill on near-vertical sandstone ridges near Virgin, Utah.In order to ensure the highest safety for athletes and spectators, only a limited number of tickets could be sold for this event. To experience Red Bull Rampage, please watch the live broadcast of the finals on Red Bull TV and this site on September 28. Follow three competitors leading up the event in the Road to Rampage video series.

http://www.redbull.com/us/en/bike/events/1331676062973/red-bull-rampage-2014 .-.--.-.-.-.

Nerves, wind and weather ruled the Red Bull Rampage qualifiers on Friday, as competitors attempted to earn a coveted spot in the finals with their first runs. Szymon Godziek flipped the canyon gap, Tom van Steenbergen flowed the whole mountain with style, and Brett Rheeder showed everyone that slopestyle riders know how to shred the desert, too. There were some big crashes — most notably Graham Agassiz’s huge cliff drop and Nicholi Rogatkin’s bike tomahawk — but overall it was a safe, action-packed day of riding.Unfortunately, there are few things that can stop a Rampage rider in his tracks – bad weather is one of them. Four competitors were able to squeak in second runs before the show was put on weather hold when torrential rain hit, and lightning eventually sent everyone home. After a strong bout of weather late Friday night the hold continues today, with dark clouds lingering. Hopefully, the remaining second runs will be completed today.Stay tuned to the official Red Bull Rampage site for updates, which is also where you can watch the webcast of finals on Sunday, September 28, starting at 1:00 p.m. MT.You can also watch the finals on Red Bull TV through its iOS and Android applications, as well as on Apple TV, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Samsung Smart TVs. .-..-.-.-.-

Brendan Fairclough Finals Run POV - Red Bull Rampage 2014 .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.

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