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Campeonato del mundo Xterra , Rubèn ruzafa Tricampeòn, el ceci 5º de su grupo de de edad, 2º mejor español !


2014 XTERRA World Championship Highlights from XTERRA TV on Vimeo.

More than 700 athletes from 40 countries and 40 states took part in the 19th running of XTERRA Worlds on a beautiful, hot and sunny blue sky day in paradise.



he hablado con roger que saliò entre los primeros en la nataciòn e iba bien en la bici pero se hundiò en la carrera apiè y lo achaca a un mal dìa, dice que comiò y bebiò y no sabe lo que pasò. Al final acabò 30

Here are your top 5 Men and Women from today's XTERRA World Championship.

Top 5 Men:
1. Ruben Ruzafa, ESP, 2:29:56;
2. Josiah Middaugh, USA, 2:31:11;
3. Ben Allen, AUS, 2:34:50;
4. Dan Hugo, RSA, 2:36:28;
5. Mauricio Mendez, MEX, 2:38:55 -

Top 5 Women:
1. Flora Duffy, BER, 2:47:59;
2. Barbara Riveros, CHI, 2:50:04;
3. Nicky Samuels, NZL, 2:56:31;
4. Emma Garrard, USA, 2:56:54;
5. Helena Erbenova, CZE, 2:57:56


1 Ruzafa, Ruben 1 Pro Malaga, Esp :20:51 14 :02:01 1:26:53 1 :00:50 0:39:21 4 02:29:56 1
2 Middaugh, Josiah 4 Pro, Vail, CO 22:35 36 :01:53 1:27:43 2 :01:02 0:37:58 1 02:31:11 2
3 Allen, Ben 3 Pro N Wollongong, Aus 20:01 3 :01:42 1:30:53 3 :00:56 0:41:18 10 02:34:50 3
4 Hugo, Dan 10 Pro Stellenbosch, Zaf 20:48 13 :01:54 1:31:38 4 :00:53 0:41:15 9 02:36:28 4
5 Mendez, Mauricio31 Pro Mexico City,20:01 2 :02:00 1:37:13 32 :00:51 0:38:50 2 02:38:55 5
15Soley, Albert 40 Pro Bigues, Esp :23:43 73 :02:01 1:34:08 10 :00:59 0:43:10 24 02:44:01 15
30 Serrano,Roger 52Pro C.D. Boi,Esp :20:19 5 :02:02 1:36:31 27 :00:59 0:49:14 99 02:49:05 27
40 Jove R.Xavier 238 20-24 Ponts,Esp:28:00 269 :02:27 1:39:36 43 :01:07 0:42:17 16 02:53:27 2
115Salas Ferrer,Toni 512 35-39 Alcudia, Esp 26:03 159 :02:43 1:49:30 113 :01:20 0:51:34 154 03:11:10 10
121Rubio Herrada,Bernardo398 30-34El Ejido, Esp 28:44 296:02:28 1:51:38 140:01:11 0:48:23 80 03:12:24 17

156 Hernandez Isaac 378 30-34 Almeria, Esp :27:22 244 :02:27 1:53:12 149 :01:02 0:53:10 191 03:17:13 23

202Teran,Javier 629 40-44 Madrid, Esp :26:03 160 :03:02 1:59:51 247 :01:33 0:52:40 179 03:23:09 24
228 De Arriba, Luis 699 45-49 Madrid,Esp 27:54 261 :02:55 2:05:43 316 :01:20 0:48:40 91 03:26:32 13

242 Hernandez Manuel 476 35-39 Madrid, Esp :27:49 257 :02:12 1:59:20 236 :02:05 0:57:03 299 03:28:29 28
263 Marin Angel 316 25 - 29 Cieza, Esp :32:31 482 :03:05 1:59:35 241 :01:48 0:53:35 205 03:30:34 23
369 Perruca Javier 210 15-19 Teruel, Esp :26:11 172:02:47 2:16:13 419 :01:39 1:01:27 386 03:48:17 9

677 Benito, Cecilio 944 65-69 l Altet, Esp :47:56 725 05:00 2:57:50 682:04:42 1:15:21 602 05:10:49 5

65 - 69

1 David Rakita #947 :29:20 02:27:41 01:13:38 4:10:39
2 Bruce Wacker #950 :32:27 02:32:09 01:07:38 4:12:14
3 Alan Moore #945 :32:40 02:43:26 01:31:29 4:47:35
4 Charlie Redmond #948 :42:51 02:59:01 01:22:21 5:04:13
5 Cecilio Benito #944 :47:56 03:07:32 01:15:21 5:10:49
6 Richard Wall #951 :46:11 03:00:37 01:43:24 5:30:12


Ruzafa, Duffy win XTERRA World Championship

October 26, 2014/in All, Race Reports, Triathlon /
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(Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Maui, HI) – One elite became an instant legend in her home country and another solidified his status among XTERRA’s all-time greats at the 19th running of the XTERRA World Championship on Sunday afternoon.

Flora Duffy, who first dreamed of becoming a world champion when she was 8-years-old, became the first pro triathlete from Bermuda to win a world title and Ruben Ruzafa from Spain captured his third XTERRA World Championship and wrapped up a perfect season that featured nine straight wins, the XTERRA European Tour Championship, the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship and the XTERRA USA Championship. Ruzafa and Duffy each received $20,000 for their respective victories.

More than 800 endurance athletes from around the world participated in the off-road triathlon, which started and finished at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua hotel on Maui. The course consisted of a 1-mile swim, a 20-mile mountain bike, and a 6- mile trail run.


It used to be all about the bike for Ruben Ruzafa, who has now posted the fastest bike split at all three XTERRA World Championship races he’s entered (and won) , but now he’s almost just as strong at swimming and running.

“I feel great, it’s incredible. Until you finish the race you don’t know if you are going to win. Today, I knew it was going to be hard because Josiah was really good. I am surprised because I swam very well… but Josiah did really well in the ride, and running of course he was very fast. So, it wasn’t until the end of the course that I knew he was not there.”

Ruzafa came out of the water less than one-minute behind the leaders and made all that up and more to take the lead on the bike by the six-mile mark when he passed the other 11 riders in front of him and finally Ben Allen. More importantly, his 20:51 swim split was 1:45 faster than his toughest opponent, Josiah Middaugh.

He extended the gap on Middaugh by 50-seconds on the bike and even though the American XTERRA icon ran more than a minute faster in the final leg of the race, it wasn’t enough. Here’s how Middaugh explained it…

“I knew I had to have a really good swim. I had a great start today and I had the best swim I’ve ever had here. I was a little over two minutes behind the lead, but really close to the people I was racing with but Ruben was off ahead with an even better swim. He wasn’t too far off the front. I caught the top 5 on the bike really early and I put together the best race I have done here. It wasn’t quite enough to win but I’m very happy with second. I feel like I pushed really hard all the way through. I feel like I emptied the tank like 50 times and put every single thing into this race. Best day I’ve had.”

Aussie Ben Allen came out of the water up front with Mauricio Mendez, was the first out on the bike course after a quicker transition and held the lead until Ruzafa caught him at around mile four. Middaugh passed 33 people in front of him before he passed Allen at mile 13 and moved into second. Allen stayed in third the rest of the way. Here’s what he said after the race:

“I’m so stoked to back up my third-place last year. It’s been a roller coaster ride but I’ve finished top 5 in every race and to come here and back it up, it just goes to show it wasn’t a fluke last year and shows me that I’m a force to be reckoned with in the sport of XTERRA. I mean, I really dug deep today and had the attitude that I had nothing to lose and gave it a crack.”

Dan Hugo, who won seven races on the XTERRA World Tour this year, also came in to the main event in fine form. Much like Middaugh, he was happy with his effort, if not the result that came with it.

“The guys set the bar exceptionally high, maybe the best expression of XTERRA we have ever seen,” said Hugo. “Salute and credit where due, especially my friend Joe in second, so sublime, he’s in the best shape and he must be recognized for that. Personally, I came in digging and I really wish there was more but it felt great. I wish it felt this way but I went quicker.”

In a finish for the ages, Mauricio Mendez from Mexico City (who turned 19 earlier in the week) edged Bart Aernouts and Conrad “the Caveman” Stoltz by two seconds. Aernouts went on to finish 6th and Stoltz was 7th.

“Being fifth place in my first year as a pro is unbelievable. When I started running I just told myself that this was a fight with me, nobody else,” said Mendez, who moved up eight spots from 13th to 5th with a blistering run split of 38:50 that was second only to Middaugh.

Ruben Ruzafa
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– “I knew that the run part would be really hard because Josiah runs really fast. I pushed the whole time because of him. I knew he was a really strong competitor.”

– “I feel great, it’s unbelievable. I go race by race and once again I’m really, really happy for me and for my family.”

– “Really special for me. I’ve been racing the whole season and I prepared the entire season for this. I knew that we were working in a good direction.”

– “The bike course is really tough, the run course is more tough because you come tired from the bike so the running is the worst.”

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– “You know, it feels good because I did everything that I could do today. I feel like I pulled out all my stops in my training and I put together the perfect race for me. You can’t control what other people do. Ruben was stronger today and I feel like I had the best race I’ve ever had here.”

– “Ruben was unbelievably tough. He had a little over two minutes going into the run, and I knew if I had a chance I would have to take a minute in the first half of the run. I tried as hard as I could to take it back but he was climbing just as fast as I was climbing and I was going for it, so yeah, he was super strong. I run downhill faster than he does and I knew I could make up a minute but I was just too far back.”

– “I’ll be a little pissed off with second but like I said, it was the best day I’ve had here just as far as really high intensity the whole way, really high energy all the way through, and the best preparation I’ve ever had for this race.”

– “It was hot but I felt like I managed the heat well, being hyper hydrated before the race started. I kept cool with some cold bottle and ice packs on my back, cold frozen bottles in my hands and I felt actually fine all the way through.”

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– “Ruben caught me I think about mile 4 or 5 and I was so surprised he caught me so quickly. I was first at that stage and Ruben caught me and passed, credit to him he’s improved on his swim he’s a world champion so what do you expect. I’ll come back next year, I’ll work with my coach and we’ll go back to the drawing board and have another crack.”

– “Josiah caught me at mile 13, and he was flying. He had the look of determination on his face, I could see it. I told him to go for it. I tried to stay with him for as long as I could on the bike and not lose too much time to him and I did that and same on the run when Ii started, just tried to hold on for as long as I could.”

– “This place is so special; words can’t describe the feeling and the atmosphere, the people. It’s just one big party and all of us XTERRA athletes we really embrace this sport here, it’s the home of XTERRA its where it was born and breed, to come back here and put on a dream performance it’s a dream come true.”

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– “It was a special day being involved in Flora’s build up and execution so a lot of joy today. Brad, so much to take from, at the very top he had broken a pedal but still was just behind me. I looked around and thought maybe I’m a better tutor than I am a student.”

– “Beautiful day, as cool as it can be in Maui and the tacky course was exceptional. The single track was divine and it was such fun riding. Couldn’t have asked for better conditions. I just wish that somehow I could go quicker. Still, fantastic year. I’ll look back on 2014 with big smiles, quite the way from XTERRA South Africa to Maui, it’s been a dream-like year.”

– What now… “I plan to make up for a few things this afternoon, in excess, and then shoot to New York to run in the New York Marathon – a bucket list dream, and then fly to Bermuda, hit South Africa, then have a November month of holiday. I need to fuel the soul for a little bit.”

el ceci que empieza la nataciòn con un golpe en el dedo del piè con una roca escondida en la primera entrada , en la segunda se ve lanzado contra la playa por una ola , luego por otra, y pierde las gafas por no llevar su sujecciòn debajo del gorro con lo que tiene que hacer la mitad de la nataciòn a ojo de buen cubero sin ver nada y los 35 minutos esperados para 1500 m. se convierten con la ayuda de la corriente traicionera en 45 min. Para la bici 30km con 1500 m de desnivel y mucho empujabici por no llevar el desarrollo adecuado,al llevar bici de un solo plato en 3h 12 minutos con una carrera final con 500 m de desnivel acumulado de 1h 15 min
en total 5h 10 min. y puesto 5 º de mi categorìa 65-70 de 8 participantes

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