jueves, agosto 06, 2009


Dominic Hargreaves, a 24-year-old Royal College of Art design graduate, has designed a new folding bike; the Contortionist. The Contortionist features full sized wheels as opposed to smaller wheels usually used with folding bikes. Hargreaves says it would be easy to use either a chain or belt drive, but that his prototype was designed to feature an internal hydraulic system which uses oil pumped through tubes in the frame to power the back wheel. It’s unclear how Hargreave’s oil driven drive train differs from other designs, but the Contortionist has been shortlisted for a design prize. No production date has been set yet, but Hargreave is working on it.

la bici contorsionista, plegable y con lefty!
ademàs se mueve mediante fluido hidràulico...
aunque en este prototipo no parece que se pueda pedalear...
luego la eficiencia de la cadena es 98-99 % y el fluido hidràulico no llega a esos %
el video està editado y parece que se tarda màs en la realidad, que lo que se ve..

saludos ceci

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