jueves, febrero 18, 2010

spy computer

Easy To Use & Undetectable Total Computer Spying Tool Covertly Monitors Passwords, Chatting, Photos, Websites & More

Insert In USB, And In 5 Seconds Data Nano iBots Monitor All Computer Activity On ALL USER ACCOUNTS w/o Tell-Tale Hardware Left Behind

* Covertly Record Everything A Person Does On A Computer
* Remove Stealth iBot™ After 5 Seconds: No Hardware Left Behind
* Undetectable By Most Anti-Spyware Applications
* Store Up to 10,000 Screenshots & Virtually Unlimited Text
* Total Surveillance - Record All Computer Activity - Even On Other User Accounts
* Works With Any PC Computer Including Laptops

Must be logged into computer with installation rights prior to inserting device**
3 Easy Steps

Insert Into USB Of Any PC Or Laptop
In 5 Seconds - Nano iBots Attach To Windows To Begin Full Covert Monitoring - Remove USB
When Ready, Re-Insert Into USB to Retrieve Everthing

Record Everything: Keystrokes, Remember Websites Visited, And Capture Screen Shots w/o Hardware
The instant the Stealth iBot Computer Spy™ is plugged into your computer, its patented data mining technology captures every keystroke, website visited, and screen shot completely covertly without hardware. Plug it into your USB port, complete a fast 5-second installation, remove the Stealth iBot Computer Spy™, and walk away. There is no need to keep the hardware plugged into your computer to capture every action. The result? Completely covert computer surveillance with no tell tale hardware or software. No one will ever know that their every action is being recording and logged. Works on any computer including laptops for unparalleled computer surveillance.


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