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Breck Epic

stage 6

stage 5

Breck-Epic Stage Race: Stage 5 from ergon on Vimeo.

stage 4

Breck Epic Stage Race: Stage 4 from ergon on Vimeo.

Jeff Kerkove and Sonya Looney race the Coed Duo category at this high alpine 6-day stage race. Sonya is the lead rider. Jeff follows with the Epic Action Cam HD

stage 3

2010 Breck Epic Stage Race: Stage 3 from ergon on Vimeo.


2010 Breck Epic Stage Race: Stage 2 from ergon on Vimeo.

stage 1

2010 Breck Epic Stage Race: Stage 1 from ergon on Vimeo.

2009 video resume

Breck Epic 2009 - The Final Cut
de Breck Epic (vídeos)
This was put together by Byron Swezy and his merry band of filmatists at Colorado Bike and Ski. You may recognize Byron name - he was the promoter of Montezuma's Revenge. This cut is all 6 stages along with some commentary by some tubby guy with a zit next to his nose. Nice. You told me that you would fix that in post-production Byron. You dick.

Enjoy. And seriously - big thanks Byron and his boys for getting after it. The places they lugged their gear to are not easy to get to. They nailed it.
The Race: August 22-28
Adventure racing. Extreme backcountry mountain biking. An expansive rider’s compound offering camping, medical support, massage, showers, organically-grown (& slaughtered – never fear, lovers of protein!) food from local farmers, mechanical support and killer coffee. The Breck Epic is a shared mountain bike slugfest that directly underwrites open space.

Are you tough enough?

We'll be the judge of that. The Breck Epic is a 6-day ultra-endurance mountain bike stage race held in the sprawling backcountry surrounding the Victorian mining town of Breckenridge, Colorado. Athletes will contest 6 stages spending 4-8 hours on course each day, most of it over 10,000 feet. If the course were a person it would be dressed in black leather and brandishing something nasty, but it does have a tender side – proceeds from the inaugural “B.E.” benefit local open space initiatives and trail improvements. Hard-asses (or aspiring hard-asses) only please.

Attention Weekend Warriors.

if you're the type of guy who likes to give yourself one extreme challenge once a year...well, this is probably not the event for you. The courses will be long. They will be difficult. 90% of the terrain will be above 3.000 m. Cut-off times will be strictly enforced. You could end up seriously hurt, having to sell what's left of your bike and pay off your hospital bills by inspecting socks and underwear with your one good arm. At night.

Then again, the architect of this event is a drooling fat-ass whose pinnacle of athletic acheivement was reaching the exalted ranks of the middle of the pack of the Expert field. And he (OK, "I") could make the time cut-offs if I had to, and I'd put myself optimistically in the middle of the Sport class right now.

Bottom line? If you're a lunchbucket Sport-class rider you CAN do this. And it'll be awesome.

The Course
There will be a strong emphasis on course quality. You can expect very little road riding and even gravel and fire road riding will be minimized. The Breck Epic is intended to be a rugged backcountry experience.
Quick Intro

Distance: About 240 miles. Total vertical? Just shy of 11,1km. That may seem short, but we’re at altitude here. We’ve constructed these courses so that the top pros will finish in 3.5 to 4.5 hours each day. Mileage (or the perceived lack of it) is NOT the best way to look at this. Come expecting a cake-walk. I dare you.

Tweaks from 2009: No more "prologue. It's been replaced with a full-on "Queen" stage that'll utilize some of the terrain over in Montezuma. There will be a TT, but we'll use the Pennsylvania Creek stage for that. The Penn Creek stage also gets a bit longer (we're adding the climb up Little French...YIPPEE!) and the Colorado Trail stage also gets a bit longer as we add the Blair Witch section (pending USFS approval). The new 'Zuma stage will be a beeyotch. You're gonna love it.

Design: We'll use a 'cloverleaf' model (“shamrock” to my people) with each stage starting and finishing in Breckenridge. That means that we'll use ONE campground/start area and will have no transfers. The beauty of Breck is that you can be 'so close, yet so far.' It's easy to access the larger trail network using Breck's wonderful town trail network as a hub.

Wayfinding: Maps and elevation profiles including aid stations, great spectator spots and all finish line locations are posted on this page along with written descriptions including distances and elevation profiles. The entire course will be embarrassingly well marked and marshaled. This is NOT a wayfinding-type event.
What we have here in Breckenridge and Summit County are the fractured and decaying remains of the trail network that the mining industry left behind 100 years ago after a long, hard 50 years of putting in routes just about everywhere imaginable. Wilderness has reclaimed old roads and trails, with only the pressure of hikers, bikers, equestrians and motos preventing them from slipping entirely back into oblivion. Local and regional open space folks have done an admirable job over the past 10 years of building connecting routes and identifying stuff that needs to be preserved.

The fruits of their collective labor is a trail network that has very little road. What road there is can best be described as 'rugged'. Don't expect a lot of gravel road in this race - there's almost none. We tried to add some, but we just don't have that particular treat to offer. Our course is composed of reclaimed flume trails, footpaths, old wagon roads and hand-built singletrack. It's almost all of what any local (and there are some discriminating guys around) would call "mountain biking". We took a look at our trail network and put together the 6 courses that we'd most like to ride if we and a bunch of our buddies had the entire day free.

1 1 BISHOP Jeremiah Cannondale 3:05:14.9 3:11:37.4 3:26:15.5 3:22:44.2 2:57:12 16:03:04
2 105 GRANT Alex Cannondale 3:05:15.4 3:11:36.9 3:26:16.0 3:29:19.8 2:58:00 16:10:28
3 28 TOSTADO josh Bach Builders/Santa 3:10:37.3 3:12:52.7 3:29:15.8 3:35:22.4 3:00:22 16:28:30
4 104 SONNTAG Ben Cannondale Factory R 3:09:47.3 3:16:14.2 3:31:31.5 3:35:23.4 3:00:21 16:33:17
5 116 SHRIVER Matt Ft Lewis College 3:16:20.0 3:12:21.3 3:38:12.2 3:36:33.3 3:06:24 16:49:51




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