miércoles, agosto 25, 2010

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Halo Swim Training System

Videos and more info at: HaloSwimTraining.com
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Halo Swim Training System includes:

* 1 Halo™ fold down swim bench with headrest and finish brush features
* 1 Halo™ Template
* 1 SPHandle Sports Vector Tube Trainer
* 1 Pacing device 40-240 beat and lite

This Swim System address three key components of competitive swimming.
The templates teach and reinforce "high elbow catch" sometimes called EVF - early vertical forearm - a crucial technique to middle and long distance freestyle. The tubing simulates proper force application because its progressive resistive nature carries over to acceleration through the underwater stroke path - and the metronome can benchmark and target the turnover or cycle rate appropriate for each swimmer and each stroke.
1 x Halo™ fold down platform
1 x Halo™ Template
1 x Pacing Equipment
1 x Sports Vector Tubing

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