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GoPro HD HERO Camera: Crankworx Whistler - Slopestyle Preview

2nd place

GoPro HD HERO Camera: Crankworx Whistler - Mike Montgomery's Slopestyle Run
GoProCamera | 14 de agosto de 2010

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Mike Montgomery's seamless 2nd place run at the 2010 Crankworx Whistler.

Cam Zink's Slopestyle Victory Lap

Cam Zink takes his final victory lap at the 2010 Crankworx Whistler Slopestyle event. As he's already secured 1st place, he strolls through the course and riles up the fans!

The following video was compiled from a single take of a parkour run through Lisses, France. The original run took approximately nine minutes, and has been shortened only at two points. It was filmed with an HD GoPro headcam set to record 30 fps at 1080p, and edited using FinalCut Pro. Locations featured include Place de Chevreuse (white walls), Le Long Rayage, Gymnasium (brown staircase), Ecole F. Mistral (rooftops and pink walls), Parc du Lac, and La Dame du Lac.

I originally intended on perfecting and polishing this run over a period of two weeks before filming. However, injury prevented me from doing so, so instead what you see is a record of my one and only attempt. Therefore, this is a true representation of the level my parkour, with no pacing and no second chances, and with all the hesitations and mistakes implied.

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