martes, agosto 24, 2010


Garneau is introducing the world’s fastest helmet. Our test showed amazing results that will allow athletes to achieve faster speed while spending less energy.

The VORTTICE reinforces our position as a market leader in aero helmet.

Keep visiting our website for more information or come visit us at the Ironman World Championship in Kona to see the VORTTICE in action.

Available soon in-store and online

Technical Features
Golf ball effect
Texturized surface on the front of the helmet helps to achieve better laminar airflow.
Vortex Generator
Small blades at the surface of the helmet create vortices that energize the laminar layer resulting in improved performance.
Evacuation Channels
In order to avoid hindering aerodynamics, the vent opening must be strategically positioned. When the cyclist is riding straight forward, the air must change direction to skirt around the helmet. This creates a high pressure zone in front of the helmet, making it the perfect place to position the vent. Air goes in at high speed, moves around the head through the evacuation channels, and out by the back opening. Heat produced by the cyclist’s head is then wicked out through the back.
VORTTICE Lens included

Designed to improve aerodynamic performance, the Vorttice lens is ventilated and included with the helmet.
Spiderlock SL
Super lightweight helmet stabilizing device that fits with the webbing system. Secure and adjustable fit can be achieved using only one hand.

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