domingo, mayo 22, 2011

young boy was shot in syria

This young boy was shot by the Syrian police in Homs Syria. You can hear the sound of the bullet hit a metal pool and then hit the boy and you can hear his pain cries. we don't know if he survived.

Video: Syrian Forces Shoot Young Boy as Death Toll Reaches 900

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
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A new video shows protestors in Syria burning a car, followed by security forces' gunshots at the crowd, including a young boy, as the nine-week death toll climbs to 900.

Secret police drove a car into a crowd of protesters in the city of Homs and shot at citizens, according to Al Jazeera. Security forces also killed several mourners at the end of a funeral for one of the demonstrators.

Despite a change in course of the Obama government, which has harshly condemned Syrian President Bashar Assad, his regime continues to deploy soldiers and police who spray protesters with heavy gunfire and artillery.

The opposition movement is apparently more determined than ever not to surrender and has won indirect support from Turkey, which has advised Assad to tone down the violence. The death toll has far surpassed that of any other “Arab Spring” uprising, with the exception of Libya.

Assad has exploited his standing – until recently – in the international community, which has depended on Syria being the supposed key to a regional peace.

His blackout of foreign reporters has not prevented homemade videos and mobile phone calls from leaking to the world reports of torture and mass arrests.

In addition, nearly 5,000 Syrians have fled to Lebanon as well as a smaller number to Turkey. CNN reported that wounded Syrians were brought to a hospital in Ankara Friday night, where they were treated for gunshot wounds in all parts of the body, including the eye.

Syria’s government-controlled news agency continues to report that the violence has been perpetrated by "terrorists" and that security forces are in control of the situation.
Small protests reached the capital of Damascus on Friday, but security forces quickly overwhelmed protesters. A spread of the massive protest movement to the capital would create a clear and present danger to Assad.

Most of Friday’s killings took place in Homs on Friday and Saturday. “Tens of thousands had accompanied the funeral procession from the city’s main mosque to Tal al-Nasr cemetery,” one activist told AFP by telephone. “The shooting began as people were coming out of the cemetery.”

Another activist told the news agency, “The streets are seething with anger because people don’t know where we are headed. And the killings are further feeding this anger and feelings of rancor.”


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