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Busco un scooter llamado Jack

JACK is a compact, foldable electric powered scooter.

JACK is a zero emission personal transporter for urban use.
Launched: Dec 15, 2012 Funding ends: Feb 13, 2013

Hi! Thanks for checking out our project. JACK is a lightweight foldable electric scooter you can charge in your car, making it ideal for commuting. With your help we’ll bring our prototype to market. Your pledge will be invested in setting up mass production - getting lots of JACK’s on the road as soon as possible.

Front view

JACK is a better combination of high-tech electric, high design, highly compact and high comfort ride than currently available in the market. Foldable and affordable (U$1,950) it’s really fun to ride. Perfect for modern commuters, JACK is an easily foldable electric powered scooter, environmentally friendly, modern personal transporter for short distances in urban areas (able to take you 12,5 miles on a charge). Its low weight (under 44lbs or 20kg) and compact dimensions make JAC< easy to bring along. JACK can be charged in the back of your car and thus forms an extension of the car, bridging the ‘final mile’ from parking place to destination. JACK is a solution to the increasing difficultly of driving around town where congestion and city governments reduce auto traffic in inner cities. On its own, in combination with a car or public transport JACK provides an alternative for the modern urban commuter. Research shows that 50% of all car trips are less than 2 miles! The JACK prototype is fully functional. Be the first to own a JACK with your pledge! Market launch scheduled for the summer of 2013.  Folded in car

Specifications - Range:. 12,5 mls (20km)
- Speed: 15 mls/h (24 km/h)
- Power: 350W, through a hub motor in the rear wheel
- Battery: lithium polymer
- Charging: 12 volts in car / 110 (220) volts at home/in the office
- Brakes: 2 disc brakes
- Planned US retail price: US$ 1,950 ex tax
- Dimensions (folded): 40 x 11.8 x 15.7 “ (100 x 30 x 40 cm) [LxWxH]
- Weight: below 44 Lbs (20 kg) ; Max driver weight 250 Lbs (115 kg)

Main USPs

- Clean zero emission urban transport
- Extension of the car's traveling range
-Vehicle can be charged during car journey and at home or work
- Easy to bring along (on trains, by car, in your apartment, to work
- Can also be used as an alternative to the folding bicycle in public transport.

Last but not least you have the change to pledge for the very cool limited edition BLACK JACK, a limited edition (max 10 units in the USA) in matte black finish with and your name engraved:


Funding need

Funding is required to take JAC from the current status of a “looks like & works like” prototype that you see on the pictures into production. The next step is to invest in tooling (US$ 100k includes other source investments) and place an initial order with the manufacturer. The Kickstarter campaign serves us both with pre-orders that fuel the business and to built a JAC community.


JACK was conceived and designed by the Dutch Industrial design group Springtime*, and has already won a prestigious Spark Award even before it has been produced! Its high design is one off the values that distinguishes it from anything else on the market. It’s asymmetrical handlebar design for example is form and function setting a new style (it allows the handlebar to fold in nicely next to the wheels). LEEV Mobility, a spin-off of Springtime will market JACK. Both companies have extensive experience with innovative electric vehicles including demonstration go-carts, delivery scooters, golf carts and the Coca-Cola Cruiser.


Contrary to some of its competitors, JACK uses state of the art Lithium battery technology. We also employ a controller we developed in house. The great looking display gives you info on battery level, range, speed and more. The high tech character of the product is furthermore highlighted by the electronic keycard that locks and unlocks the JACK and stores other personal info like service history, discounts, etc.

Regulations & Legal status

Since JAC is an innovative product in a new category, laws pertaining to use are not clear. In both Europe and the USA regulations are constantly changing. New products like the Segway caused moped-based regulations to be reviewed, meanwhile, many people use stand-up motorized scooters. Currently, as far as we could verify, the JAC will be legal to drive on the public road in the following US states: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and probably a lot of other states most likely to follow soon after.


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Our experience taught us that there are many pitfalls getting (electrical) vehicles off the ground. With LEEV’s first product the Mantys we had a steep learning curve including how to select the right suppliers in Asia and how to organize sourcing & logistics. Development of JACK is benefiting from our experience working with reliable suppliers. Earlier in the process we tried to connect existing components to save costs, but found that we needed to develop custom electronics to meet our high quality standards. Our process of working together with reliable manufacturing partners in Asia will insuring a high quality level required for our premium position in Europe and the US.


LEEV Mobility, the Amsterdam-based company responsible for the Mantys electric golf vehicle, has gone from the fairway to the roadway for its second offering. The company's JACK is an electric scooter that is designed to solve the first and last mile problem faced by urban commuters. A fully functional prototype has been constructed and LEEV has launched a crowdfunding campaign to get the JACK on the road.

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