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New mercury pedals/TriRig Gamma Extensions/ TriRig Alpha

New mercury pedals

These pedals will be available for sale some time in March, possibly sooner. And they will be selling for $249 per pair. However, upon launch they will be selling at a discounted price of $224 for the first week of sales. To stay informed about when these pedals go on sale, make sure you sign up for the TriRig Newsletter. what Mercury is all about:

Ultra light, at just 35 grams per pedal, and a complete system weight (with cleats and all fasteners) of 136 grams.
Ultra-low stack of just 10.5mm - the lowest stack on the market for 3-hole road shoes.
Adjustable Q-factor to fine-tune your stance width. Only pedal on the market with this feature.
Incredibly simple design, just three parts per pedal (titanium spindle, nylon bearing, alloy cap screw). Mercury is an easy to service, virtually zero-maintenance product.
An awesome SIX MONTH RETURN POLICY with NO restocking fee, so you can try the pedals out as long as you need to, to make sure they're right for you. Release date, approximately June 2013, price has not yet been determined.


TriRig Gamma Extensions (Alloy & carbon)

Each order is for a pair of two extensions.
Extensions use the industry-standard 22.2mm outer diameter, 19.3mm inner diameter, and are compatible with almost all aerobars and shifters on the market.
Each extension is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, then black anodized with laser-etched logos for a beautiful, durable finish that will never fade or crack.
The ideal 16-degree bend provides superior comfort and precise stack height control.
Extra-long extensions are designed to be cut at both ends to allow you to dial in your position with unprecedented precision. The uncut extensions are approximately 18 inches long, while most athletes will need only 10 inches or so. The extra length allows you to decide how much of the bar is rising versus flat, providing a very precise method of controlling both stack and reach.
Three Di2-compatible cable ports allow flexible internal OR external routing.
Both the inner and outer diameter are controlled along the entire length (except at the the bend point), meaning the extensions can be trimmed anywhere you like.


The Alpha weighs just 530 grams complete with everything.
The base bar features a huge 6-to-1 airfoil, deeper than anything on the market today.
Unique clamping hardware allows you to adjust pad stack, pad reach, pad stance width, extension stack, extension reach, and extension roll, all with just two bolts per side, and completely independently of one another.

The Alpha: combine light weight, a broad range of fit, and superlative aerodynamics all into one bar. The ultimate goal was to make the Alpha an aerobar that you'd want to keep from bike to bike, for as long as they keep making bikes with standard steerers.


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