viernes, enero 29, 2010

gel fast!

dispensador de geles

Introducing Gelrilla Grip™, the revolutionary new product from Lyramid!

* Looks better - streamlined design with smooth curves and surfaces
* Loads faster - less than 5 seconds per gel pack
* Easy cleanup - just unsnap the clip and recycle the tear-tab
* Minimizes waste - no more electrical tape
* One time set-up - no re-wrapping of electrical tape
* Bike friendly - soft rubber mounting pads vs. adhesive residue from tape, won't scratch the bike
* Versatile - compatible with almost every brand of gel pack
* Durable - rugged glass filled nylon plastic, UV stabalized and weather resistant
* Lightweight - weighs less than 2 oz
* Unique - patent pending, only product of its type on the market

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