martes, septiembre 28, 2010

follow me

Follow Me - the Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

Follow Me Teaser and Premiere Tour

Anthill films (the same crew who brought us the Collective, Roam, and Seasons) is finally wrapping up production on their latest HD bikegasm, Follow Me. The film promises all the incredible scenery, riding, and camera work we’ve come to expect, along with a twist on the usual single-rider format. Follow Me is based on the idea that “no one rides alone” and will mix and match the world’s best downhillers, freeriders, and slopestylers in some of the best places to ride on the planet. In other words, if your legs are getting pasty and your bike is gathering dust, or if you’ve been jonesing all winter for some single track, this movie will launch you forcefully out the door.

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