jueves, septiembre 22, 2011

Cycling Secrets

Accelerate your cycling training with our Bike Software
Welcome to Cycling Secrets - set up to assist with your cycling training. Most people come here for the free bike software we've provided to thousands of cyclists world wide to assist with their cycling training. There's a link on the side bar to the right. Just fill out the form and once we've confirmed you're a real person by sending you a confirmation email we'll send you the link to download the current version of the software. We also offer a range of cycling e-books for everything from nutrition to altitude training. There's a building library of free resources here including videos and articles on all aspects of road cycling. Let us know what you need, what you want - we're here to fuel your cycling obsession.

About Cycling Secrets

No secrets actually. Just good advice, discussion, tools and resources for your cycling training and cycling obsession.
We are mostly roadies so you’ll forgive the bias to carbon, lycra and bio mechanics.

This all started out as a way to help promote interest in Bicycles For Humanity


– a great charity organisation that send unused bikes to the developing world. One thing led to another and here we are after a few years, hack attacks, rebuilds, software development, distraction and re-engagment and many , many kilometres and tyre rubber.

Cycling Secrets has provided its free cycling software to thousands of cyclists of all kinds the world over.
This is a developing project.

Stay tuned.

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