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budnitz , most expensive urban bikes

con eje rohloff

What makes your bicycles different?

Much like a classic automobile, we manufacture high-end bicycles that are elegant, high quality, and are exceptionally fun to ride. Our frames, forks, and most titanium parts are built to last a lifetime under normal use.Most high-end bicycles are designed for exclusively for racing. These bikes are very fast, but are impractical and uncomfortable for city use. On the other end of the spectrum, nearly all commercial city bicycles are either made with low-end components or are poorly modified versions of race bikes. European city bikes are built to carry loads on flat ground, but are quite heavy and tend to eventually rust or fall apart in just a few years.

Our bicycles incorporate only top-end components. Frames, forks, stems, and handlebars are handmade in the USA out of rust and corrosion-proof titanium, a super-lightweight and extremely strong metal originally developed for the aerospace industry. Frame design, geometry, and every component have been thought out to provide an exceptional ride.Paul dislikes getting his pants dirty. Instead of traditional greasy bike chains and gears we offer a high-tech and lightweight carbon belt internal hub. These parts require very little maintenance, last a very, very long time, and (best of all) leave no grease on Paul's clothing.

Our bicycles also feature integrated cables that run through the bicycle frame. Hiding the cabling just looks great and protects them from the elements.Our brake levers, bottom brackets and single speed hubs are made by small top-end parts makers in the USA, including Paul Components, Chris King, and Phil Wood. These are the same parts as found on top-end race bikes.

Aren't your bicycles kind of expensive? No! :)

Our titanium frames, forks, stems, seatposts, and handlebars will last a lifetime if used under normal conditions. Our bicycles are a very, very good deal. Letʼs do some comparison shopping:A BMW 528i starts at $55,000 in the USA. A base model Mini Cooper costs about $31,000. Even a Toyota Prius will run close to $31,000. This does not include taxes, insurance, licensing, maintenance, gasoline, repairs, parking tickets, and all the other hidden costs behind owning a car.

Our bicycles start at $5500. That's 10% the cost of of a BMW. The titanium frame will never rust or corrode and our bicycles are designed to require very little maintenance. There's no insurance, no parking tickets, and no hidden costs. If you find yourself biking more because our bikes are so fun to ride you'll be in better shape, and over time you'll probably make your investment back in healthcare cost savings.In comparison to the car that many of us already own, our bicycles are a tremendous bargain.

If you're not ready to invest in one of our bicycles we urge you to buy an inexpensive bike at your local shop. But you won't ride it as much, and you'll most likely have to replace it in a few years. Plus you won't look as awesome as you will on one of our bicycles! And awesomeness matters!

THEFT REPLACEMENT POLICY Your bicycles are amazing. But what happens if mine is ever damaged or stolen?

Our mission is to sell you a beautiful bicycle that will last you for the rest of your life. So we will help replace your bicycle if it is ever damaged or stolen -- in most cases at no cost to you. Here is how it works: Add your new bicycle to your homeowners or renter's insurance policy. If you don't have insurance go get some. It is very inexpensive. If your bicycle is stolen -- ever -- we will give you a 20% discount on your replacement bicycle, which you can use towards the deductible on your insurance. In most cases you will get your replacement bicycle at no cost. Our theft replacement policy remains in effect for as long as you own and love your Paul Budnitz Bicycle -- which we hope will be forever.

How long will it take to get my bicycle? Our bicycles are produced in small runs. Delivery times vary due to demand. Generally the wait is 60-90 days, but can be shorter or longer depending on demand and timing. You will be able to approve your delivery date before finalizing your order.


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