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ruedas gordas, hed y Rotor 2013

rueda gorda 1

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no robes , no compres bicis robadas

bici fixie robada en elche ayer

triciclo baterìa


Hed lanza sus nuevas ruedas Vanquish y JET 70 Express

Miércoles 24 de Octubre de 2012 07:01

La marca americana especializada en ruedas aerodinámicas para ciclismo y triatlón, acaba de lanzar al mercado dos modelos, unas de perfil para sistema de cubierta fabricadas 100% en carbono y otras para triatlón con carácter polivalente.

Las HED Vanquish buscan conseguir la comodidad de disponer de cámara y cubierta en una rueda 100% carbono. Se trata de una rueda de perfil para sistema de cubierta fabricada 100% en carbono y que está disponible en versión estándar, pista y Powertap.

Según la marca son resistentes y están testadas tanto para entrenamientos como para competición de ciclismo o triatlón. "El ancho C2 crea una unión entre la rueda y la cubierta extremadamente aerodinámica. Las Hed Vanquish aúnan la estética de las ruedas para tubulares con la comodidad de las ruedas de cubierta", han comentado sus responsables.

Una de las novedades que presenta la Vanquish es un nuevo compuesto de carbono especialmente diseñado para la superficie de frenada, que busca garantizar una frenada más homogénea y de mayor fiabilidad.

Anuncian un peso de 1633 g el par, constituyendo por tanto una alternativa más ligera a la conocida Hed Jet60.

Estarán disponibles desde enero de 2013 y contarán con un perfil de 60 mm, teniendo la rueda delantera 18 radios y la rueda trasera 24. En la web www.hedcycling.es se pueden ver los resultados de pruebas aerodinámicas.

Por su parte, las Hed JET 70 Express son unas ruedas orientadas para todo tipo de distancias y especialidades en el triatlón, siendo su objetivo la media y larga distancia y su compatibilidad con triatlones sprint y olímpicos. En ciclismo su destino son las etapas llanas y de media montaña.

Vienen con aros C2 y con sistema de SCT a fin de dar estabilidad incluso con vientos laterales.

El modelo estará disponible en el showroom de HED de Barcelona y en la web www.hedcycling.es se puede obtener más información o consultar cualquier tipo de duda.



ROTOR lo nuevo de 2013

2013 Rotor Flow Aero Crankset, Q-Rings, Power Cranks ROTOR QXL chainrings

The new QXL is a Q-Ring with increased ovalization. They have a similar shape to standard QRings, ensuring exceptional drivetrain stability. QXL rings do not replace standard Q-Rings, rather complement them as each being optimized for different situations, and rider profiles. We believe that standard Q-Rings offer an optimal adaptation-stability-biomechanical balance for most cyclists. However, we are aware of scientific research and feedback from pro riders that shows that greater ovality can be desirable and useful for certain athletes since not all riders have the same muscle build, riding form, or pedaling style. The QXL rings are designed more for a type of rider rather than a specific cycling discipline.

When we applied our biomechanical and engineering knowledge to an increased ovality, we found that the feedback was positive from many professional riders previously wary of Q-Rings. These athletes predominantly reported an improved cycling experience, particularly when pedaling out of the saddle and accelerating. We have seen that QXL chainrings are most noticeable when riding in conditions of high power delivery and consistent maximum (peak) effort, like time trials, sprints, breakaways, riding styles that involve frequent out of the saddle riding, etc.

New Rotor POWER for MTB

Revolutionize your training with ROTOR Power. ROTOR’s patented POWER meter crankset will improve your training quality and experience. And at just 30 g heavier than the standard 3D+ MAS crank, it’s probably the lightest power measurement option out there.

The POWER brings scientific knowledge to the road by combining two proven products: ROTOR’s 3D+ crank and the respected MEP lab power measurement system by AIP. With this rich heritage, it’s clear that the ROTOR POWER isn’t just “any old power meter”. The POWER is in fact two, super-accurate, independent power meters – one left, one right. This gives you quality data no other system can provide:

Unsurpassed accuracy due to symmetrical crank deformation with 8 strain gauges (no need for extensive calculus or filtering).

Individual left & right “power balance” measurement.

Independent push & pull information.

ANT+ compatibility.

Easy battery replacement.

Standard Micro Adjust Spider (MAS) for fine-tuning your Q-Ring position.

30 mm UBB axle design will allow it to be installed on almost any bike – regardless of its 24 or 30 mm BB system.

Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness Values.

Functional information is the power measurement product we’ve all been waiting for in a power meter.

FLOW Cranks > Aero Road Ride the Rotor FLOW!

The aero shape of the crank arms is specifically designed from a purely functional perspective in performance and not just aesthetics using the Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design. The CFD is a software program that can simulate an actual wind tunnel test at the same time enabling us to isolate a specific part of the bicycle in motion. The rigidity is not compromised, as it is 10% stiffer and lighter (563 g w/o chainrings – 175 mm) than most aero cranks on the market.

The aero profile of the crank arm has been optimized according to the varying airflow the crank encounters from the axle to the pedals, throughout the 360° pedal stroke. The crank arms and the spider are designed separately in order to acquire a maximum advantage of the crank’s aero profile.

Time Savings: Over a 40k distance an athlete can save up to 6 seconds. The Micro Adjust Spider (MAS) ensures perfect Q-Ring setup, offering adjustment increment gaps half that of classic spiders.

New Rotor 3DF for Road The 3DF bridges the gap between our 3D and 3D+ cranks, designed for all around performance. The 30 mm UBB axle and Trinity drilled forged crank arms offer balanced and extreme rigidity, plus compatibility with almost all bikes.

New Rotor 3DF for MTB The 3DF bridges the gap between our 3D and 3D+ cranks, designed for all around performance. The 30 mm UBB axle and Trinity drilled forged crank arms offer balanced and extreme rigidity, plus compatibility with almost all bikes. http://rotorbike.com/2013products/

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