lunes, mayo 26, 2014

no las volveràs a mirar de la misma forma

31 Things You Will Never Be Able To Look At In The Same Way Ever Again

Some Images, once seen, cannot be unseen. Are you ready to have your brain reprogrammed?

1. The Batman Logo [via]

2. Australia [via]

3. Bed

4. Richard Dawkins or Emma Watson [via]

5. The hidden treasure of the Lion King poster [via]

6. Ducks [via]

7. Your loose change is a shield of the Royal coat of arms [via]

8. The flying unicorn In The Dark Knight Rises [via]

9. The Toblerone Mountain [via]

10. There is no ‘I’ in team [via]

11. Eyeore

12. The Adidas shipwreck [via]

13. Disabled Toilets [via]

14. Recycling Signs [via]

15. The Resident Evil giraffe getting a blowjob [via]

16. LG’s Pacman [via]

17. The fat man In the Pepsi logo [via]

18. No Smoking Sign Pie [via]

19. The Sleeping Cat On Mr T’s Forehead [via]

20. Inbetween E and X, there is a house. [via]

21. The Dragon Roman Empire [via]

22. USB leads look like Ducks [via]

23. 3:13 [via]

24. The terrified faces in freshly cut peppers [via]

25. Cher OR Afghan Hound? [via]

26. Voldemort U.S Plug Socket [via]

27. The Atomic Clown [via]

28. Tom Cruise’s right [big] tooth is slap bang in the center of his mouth [via]

29. Wet Floor Signs [via]

30. The hidden message on the Facebook homepage

31. Coats hooks look like aggressive octopuses [via]

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