lunes, octubre 24, 2016

guapa guapa y guapa ! / verdadero o falso, rescate de ciclista borracho delante de tren

larissa mexico



¿verdadero o falso ?

A HEART-STOPPING video showing a heroic railway worker saving a drunk man’s life has wowed the internet… But it’s also turned out to be a FAKE.
Astonishing footage has emerged apparently showing a drunk man trying to carry his belongings across a railway track as a train approaches.
A heroic railway worker then apparently dashes to his aid – just seconds before the pair are slammed by the fast-moving train.
But The Sun Online can reveal the video is in fact a fake – edited to look like the man’s life was in imminent danger.
If you look closely at the shadows to the left of the video, it becomes clear the speeding train has been edited on to the video of the worker pushing the man off the tracks at a later date.
When the heroic worker rushes to save the drunk man from the apparently-oncoming train, we see his shadow flit across a patch of light on the left-hand-side.
But when the train comes speeding past seconds later, there is no shadow – proving it has been edited.
The nifty editing trick makes a very realistic fake video – and has left hundreds of people stunned by the worker’s apparent brave act.
Instead, it is apparently two videos mashed together to make one nail-biting viral clip.
The video begins with a “drunk” man standing in the middle of the track, trying to drag his bike across.
After a seconds-long struggle, the man manages to hurl his bike onto to the track – only to drop it straight after.
The stumbling cyclist bends down to pick the bike up – as a fast-moving train appears on the horizon.
A group of workers – who appear to be wearing Network Rail maintenance outfits – are then seen rushing towards the drunk man.
As the man leaves his bike on the side and bends over to pick up the rest of his belongings, the fake train comes hurtling towards him.
A worker is then seen apparently racing the “train”, before dashing onto the tracks and throwing the “boozed-up” idiot to safety.
The edited train then speeds past just inches from where the men fall as they tumble down the side of the track.
As the clip ends, other workers rush to their colleagues aid while the man picks himself up and wanders back toward the track.
One of the other workers hits him with his hard hat and gives him a shove – adding to the fake video’s apparent authenticity.
Network Rail said they had no information on the apparent incident.

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