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Eneko gana el ironman arizona y es sub 8 h!

Eneko Llanos

23 35 Vitoria-Gasteiz SPA pro triathlete
SWIM....BIKE..........RUN....... OVERALL.....RANK....DIV.POS.

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (48:47) 1:17/100m 16 12

BIKE SPLIT 1: 37.4 mi 37.4 mi (1:26:48) 25.85 mi/h
BIKE SPLIT 2: 74.6 mi 37.2 mi (1:23:53) 26.61 mi/h
BIKE SPLIT 3: 112 mi 37.4 mi (1:30:13) 24.87 mi/h
TOTAL BIKE 112 mi (4:20:54) 25.76 mi/h 1 1

RUN SPLIT 1: 2.5 mi 2.5 mi (15:00) 6:00/mi
RUN SPLIT 2: 11.5 mi 9 mi (53:41) 5:57/mi
RUN SPLIT 3: 20 mi 8.5 mi (55:22) 6:30/mi
RUN SPLIT 4: 26.2 mi6.2 mi (42:06) 6:47/mi
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi (2:46:09) 6:20/mi 1 1

T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 1:07


2011 Ironman Arizona results: Llanos goes under 8 hours for the win

, Triathlon Examiner
November 20, 2011 -
The Ironman Arizona marks the end of 2011 for US Ironman events and is one of the last ones in the Northern Hemisphere for the year. Nearly 3,000 athletes from over 30 countries were registered for the race.

Past races here have showcased some impressive performances and, in the post KPR era, the IM Arizona has become a good place for pros to get a jump on points for the 2012 Kona race. The course lends itself to fast times and the pro field is about as deep as you will find in any race. The big favorite coming into the race was reigning Ironman Canada champ Jordan Rapp. Rapp, who won here in 2009, has a comeback story familiar to many. Two weeks ago, Rapp added world champion to his resume by winning the ITU long distance world championship race. Tim O’Donnell, winner at the 70.3 San Juan and 70.3 Calgary, was expected to be a factor, as would Ironman Texas champ Eneko Llanos. Michael Weiss, former IM St. George champ, logged a sub 8 hour race at the IM Austria this year and is a threat every time he enters a race. Current 70.3 Augusta champ Viktor Zyemtsev could work his way onto the podium here as well.

The 2.4 mile swim in Tempe Town Lake didn’t hold a lot of surprises. A group of 5 men came out of the water within 10 seconds of each other. John Dahlz had the lead posting a 46:56 split. Dahlz led the men's swim here last year. Right behind him was two French pros, Stephane Poulat with a 49:59 and Benjamin Sanson with a 47:01. Joe Umphenour was fourth into T1 with a 47:03 and a third Frenchman, Jeremy Jurkiewicz was fifth with a 47:06. Rapp, who was 36th out of the water, would go on to DNF today.

Sanson took an early lead in the 112 mile bike ride and held onto it until around the 45 mile mark when Llanos took over and kept it. Eneko Llanos led the men into T2 by riding a 4:20:55. Martin Jensen was second in with a 4:22:48 ride. O’Donnell was third off the bike, riding a 4:22:59. Sanson would DNF.

Paul Amey moved up and took over the lead around the 9 mile mark but Llanos wasn't out of it. From the 18 mile point to around the 20 mile mark, Amey and Llanos ran together. At 20 miles, the Spaniard made his move. Amey later surged and got within five second before running out of gas. Eneko Llanos won the 2011 Ironman Arizona with an overall time of 7:59:38. This made him only the second man to go below 8 hours in a North American Ironman event, besting the performance turned in by Ronnie Schildknecht just two weeks ago at the Ironman Florida. Llanos turned in a run split of 2:46:09. Paul Amey ran a 2:45:55 to finish second with an overall time of 8:01:29. Viktor Zyemtsev, who was 18th after the bike ride, ran a 2:43:30 to earn a podium trip with an overall time of 8:14:36.

The men’s top 10:

1) Eneko Llanos (Spain) - 7:59:38 (course record)

2) Paul Amey (Great Britain/Santa Monica, CA) - 8:01:29

3) Viktor Zyemtsev (Ukraine/Clermont, FL) - 8:14:36

4) Torsten Abel (Tucson, AZ) - 8:16:44

5) Stephane Poulat (France) - 8:18:55

6) Sebastian Kienle (Germany) - 8:19:29

7) Jeremy Jurkiewicz (France) - 8:19:38

8) Michael Weiss (Colorado Springs, CO/Germany) - 8:21:36

9) Trevor Wurtele (Kelauna, BC) - 8:22:21

10) Christophe Bastie (France) - 8:26:10


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