miércoles, noviembre 16, 2011

video 360º

Photographer and inventor Joergen Geerds attempts to map the beautiful Moab landscape using six Xperia phones and a Mountain Bike.

Performed, shot and edited as part of http://www.xperiastudio.com

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video 360º, you need 6 phones to record the video

It starts with an idea. Working with collaborators around the world to remake reality by pushing the limits of mobile technology.
Xperia Studio invites people across the globe to test the limits of mobile technology. Not by making calls clearer or screens brighter, but by seeing how a phone can remake reality.

To that end, we partner with artists, intellectuals and boat-rockers from around the world. From collaborative artist collectives in Denmark to astrophysicists in New York— in each instance, we provide a phone and the means to document their work. They supply the result.
What you see are the results of our collaborations so far. But reality’s a big place, and there’s plenty more of it to be remade. So check back often, because we’re just getting started, and Xperia Studio is dedicated to showing you what a smartphone can achieve.


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