miércoles, noviembre 23, 2011

Time trial time machine

The TIME Machine

Here it is my friends. The only RXR you will see in the US of A. If you are someone that is absolutely serious about Time Trialing or your time split, there can be no better. Where to begin.....wow.....well, here goes...

The TIME RXR is beyond a doubt the best Time Trial frameset ever produced. This is a statement of fact. So we started out with the frameset and realized instantly that the most opulent wheelset must be used. Our first and only choice was Lightweight. The front wheel is the incredibly light ceramic bearing Obermeyer. The rear disc would be the stiffest and lightest disc available (and surprisingly not that expensive at $2650). Yes, those are all carbon spokes. And yes, this is the disc that Astana rides and that new guy on Astana was recently riding here at the wind tunnel in San Diego. My point is, this disc is PROVEN.

Like every single bike we build here, the TIME MACHINE is Campagnolo equipped. Although we actually only have Campy shifters, derailleurs, and a chain. The brakes are Zero Gravity Negative G's with Campy carbon pads. The cable housing is Jagwire braided metallic cable housing sheathing Power Kords carbon cables. The stem is a ULTEAM stem, of course, and we went with RED TIME pedals since the TIME MACHINE's offspring, Red Dragon sports the same. It's genetic!

Our cockpits are always Deda here at Pista Palace. And in celebration of Obama's recent presidential victory, we put on the Deda AeroBlack America bars. These bars need to be drilled, so I suggest having your RXR built here at Pista Palace. Fizik bartape, naturally. You'll notice our creative barend addition that we created with these bars. We think it is kinda cool.

What else....oh yeah...the FSA Neo Pro TT crank. FSA is sadly the only company that makes a legitimate TT crank, but lucky for you and I, it is top shelf. Ceramic Bottom Bracket included. The tires are Continental Sprinters which I feel are a great TT and Criterium tire. Super gummy and fast. Oh yeah, and the brake levers are Vision Tech. Super slim and super light, but maybe not the most comfortable. My question is....when are you gonna brake in a TT?

As beautiful as this bike is, the build was quite a time investment. The cable routing on this bike is not for the novice. In other words, Do Not Try This At Home. It requires quite a tool set, a great amount of patience, and an even greater amount of Stone Beer!. I took the liberty of ordering 9 of these framesets and will be the only dealer in the country to stock them. Are you ready?



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