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sì se puede, a tracciòn total christini moto y bici



20 Años de Vías Verdes (Fitur 2013)




2X2 moto and bike

The CHRISTINI AWD is equipped with standard mountain biking components. Pedaling, shifting and braking are just like on a traditional bike.

A handlebar-mounted switch controls the AWD "shift on the fly" clutch. When the clutch is engaged, the rear spiral gear interlocks with the rear hub and power is transferred via internal shafts to the forward spiral gear set, which drives the CHRISTINI freehub.

Due to a slight gearing differential, the front wheel is not actively powered on smooth level ground. However, the moment the rear wheel slips, power is instantaneously transferred to the front wheel. Similarly, the moment that the front wheel decelerates, as in hitting a rock or starting to wash out in a corner, power and traction are transferred to the front wheel.

The effect is awesome. Instead of stalling when the rear wheel slips - the front wheel hooks up and you keep climbing. Instead of glancing off a slippery root - the CHRISTINI AWD tracks right over it. Instead of washing out the front end in an off-camber corner - the front wheel literally chews it's way through the turn. The CHRISTINI AWD is simply the best climbing mountain bike on the market.

The CHRISTINI AWD has the capability to take you places other bikes won't or can't follow... and the durability to get you back.

In over 4 years of testing, the AWD components have required far less routine maintenance than the primary drive train (which is comprised of top quality sprockets, high-end shifters and standard hubs). The best corrosion and wear resistant materials are utilized and we have "designed in" extremely simple service procedures. For instance; should the sealed bearings ever need to be replaced, the entire internal drive system can be disassembled for complete overhaul in less than 10 minutes.

* There is a 5 year warranty on the frame, a 2 year warranty on the entire all wheel drive system, and a one year crash replacement warranty on any Christini drive system parts.

The CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive "AWD" Mountain Bike you have received has features and performance that are unmatched by any other mountain bike. To fully utilize these advantages, we at Christini, have developed some techniques that will ensure you get the most out of your CHRISTINI AWD mountain bike each time you ride.

General Riding and AWD Engagement:
It is best to engage the AWD system while moving (whether pedaling or coasting). Shift the AWD engagement switch at any time while riding when you feel any loss of traction or when you feel there is an obstacle that you normally wouldn't be able to overcome. There is no need to disengage and re-engage when stopping and restarting.
Shift into AWD in slippery conditions or in winter riding where ice and snow are present.
While you can ride in AWD at all times, and there is very little friction in the bearing-supported system, some riders prefer to disengage the system for pavement riding or on hard packed surfaces. This is clearly a rider preference that is up to you!
The advantages for AWD in climbing will become immediately apparent. Lean farther forward than usual or stand up on steep inclines in situations where you would normally have to stay tucked on your seat for rear wheel traction.
Adjust your center of gravity to ensure that the proper amount of traction is achieved with both the rear and front wheels. (This may take a few rides, but will eventually become intuitive.)
Be aggressive on the hills. Charge from the bottom as if you expect not to lose traction and you will climb hills you never climbed before...guaranteed!
Many riders climb with a higher gear while the AWD is engaged because the increased traction enables one to keep up momentum (and speed) much easier. Due to the increased climbing speed, spinning the pedals too fast could result in loss of control and momentum, defeating the climbing advantages of AWD.
Lean into corners on downhills and allow the front wheel to track around corners. This is a bit unnerving at first but the AWD bike will literally show you the way! Remember, even when coasting, the front wheel will be powered if it should start to drift in a turn. This makes downhill riding more controlled, especially in corners.
The front wheel will track over rocks, logs and other obstacles. AWD will automatically transfer power to a front wheel that has been thrown off the track by an obstacle, enabling easier and faster recovery from near-falls and wheel slippage.
On extreme and slow descents, use the brakes and keep a slow pedal rhythm to transfer power to the front wheel, creating additional front wheel traction.
As with all riding, do not lock the front wheel brake without also using the rear brake and keeping your weight to the rear. Note that because of the nature of the AWD system, applying the front brake slows both the front AND the back wheel.
Icy and Wet Surfaces; Mud and Snow:
While AWD truly excels in the worst riding conditions, always remember that icy and wet surfaces remain very difficult and dangerous situations for bicycle riders. Cars may not expect to see bicycles in rainy and snowy conditions so use extra caution when riding on the road.
Be patient and adjust your speed according to the conditions: On wet, snowy or icy terrain, the front wheel, even though powered, remains more apt to slip sideways or not grab the surface when turning (just as a car will slide through a turn).
Nevertheless, test the limits and new opportunities! AWD provides greater traction and often seems more stable than walking on slippery surfaces. Get a set of studded tires for a truly unique winter commute.
The AWD drive system is built to withstand large forces. Four to six inches of snow will provide a unique challenge. A couple inches of mud is no longer an impassable barrier. Remember, keep the momentum and keep the pedals churning!
In extreme mud and snow conditions, additional care should be taken to clean the gears, clutch system and universal joint during and after the ride to ensure smooth engagement of the AWD system.

It is well known what all wheel drive does for a sport utility vehicle — just imagine what AWD can do for a mountain bike.

With increased traction, available at the flip of a switch you can conquer conditions that you thought were unridable. AWD provides greater control over wet roots and slippery rocks. You can power up steeper, sketchier hills and you'll stick like glue to side slopes.

The AWD system is so efficient, it is hard to tell whether it is working... until you need it.

With the front drive disengaged, the CHRISTINI AWD handles and feels just like any dialed-in full suspension Mountain Bike. Engage the AWD system and you'll feel increased control, stability and traction on slippery or loose surfaces.

AWD works whether you're pedaling or coasting. You will be able to descend with confidence and corner more aggressively due to increased front wheel grip.

Conquering the most difficult trail at the local park is easy with the the Christini Venture Full Suspension model. Our American-made flagship bike has been ridden hard and tested even harder. The proprietary state-of-the-art AWD system integrates cleanly into this 4" rear travel full suspension trail bike. Standard disk brakes and a White Brother's racing fork and high-end components complete one of the best quality mountain bikes on the market! More info...

The Christini Long Travel is perfect for big drops, hard hits and any other obstacle you throw the bike over. Riders who love to test the limits of their imagination and skill will truly appreciate the agressive design and 4-6 inches of adjustable rear travel. Of course, the integrated AWD system will allow you to ride like never before! More info...



Erzberg 2014

2013 Erzberg Rodeo GoPro Footage

The Worlds First Two Wheeled Burnout

CHRISTINI AWD 450 Explorer- $9595

Based on the AWD 450 Military Edition bike with a Street Legal package, the explorer offers the adventure rider a smaller platform to go on the shorter trips, but in a way impossible on a standard bike. With the power of AWD, the new CHRISTINI EFI System, Skid Plate, Hand Guards, Extended range rear rack tank, and a cooling fan for slow speed crawling, the Explorer will get you to where you want to go.
Start on the road, and then Hit the trails on the AWD 450 Explorer. Go where others can’t, and make your ride on the Explorer and Adventure!
* MSRP excluding tax, license, registration, $350 shipping or destination charge.
**CHRISTINI AWD 450 Explorer with EFI will be available July 2014 – Accepting orders now**

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